Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media that allows pinning of images, videos and other objects to the owner’s pinboard. It is a content sharing platform that has shown a tremendous impact in SEO. Images or videos can easily capture attention of users and sharing it can send social signal to Google and other search engine.

What is more interesting is that Pinterest has also developed their own web analytics. Recently (March 14) I have received an email from Pinterest saying:

pinterest web analytics email

I’m glad that Pinterest Web Analytics existed. It will give me reasons why Pinterest should be included in my social media marketing campaign.

What’s the major function of Pinterest Web Analytics?

You can virtually see if what are the images being pinned by the visitors or users of your website. It can make users track down what has been pinned or repinned, promoted, liked and commented by the users and how interaction is happening in the user’s pinboard.

From the Analytics, you will have the chance to UNDERSTAND your website Pinners

• You will now have the chance to know the number of Pinners from your website

• Getting to know their Likes.

At your end you can tailor your pinboard to further assist and boost interaction. You’ll now have the ideas on what images they mostly like from your website which is also useful in customizing your boards. Creating a style from their likes.

Steps in Having a Web Analytics

1. Setting Up a Business Account :
or you can convert your profile account into this one : .

2. Website Verification

verify website

The Process:

verify website process

The benefit also of Website verification is that you can able to see the full URL in your profile.

You can also verify through HTML file or a META tag.

3.Ready for Analytics

After you have done verifying your website, you can now go to the upper right menu and just click analytics. It will give a comparative study between pins their pinners and repins. The goal here is how you can increase repin and pinners in your board.

Pinterest Analytics
Source: Pinterest

4. Switch to the new Look

Last March 11 actually, it started to roll out its new look. Pinners can now switch to new look, just go to upper right menu and click “Switch to New Look”.

And here now the newest Interface.

Pinterest new Look

As you can see it is modular form yet organized. You can have an option if you prefer old or new look. At any time you can return to its old look, just go to the stings and Switch to old design.

What’s More with Pinterest?

For Website owners aside from having the Web Analytics you can have the following:

• Business Accounts
• Pin It Button
• Bookmarlet
• Follow Button

Incorporating Pinterest in your social media marketing is not anymore mere pinning of images. You’ll given power to understand and analyze your pinners and tailor your strategies to make your images appeal to them. Pinterest is most valuable to those who have products. Just a caution though, don’t be too commercial or else Pinterest will ban you.

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