Podio: How can it make you a Better SEO Practitioner?

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Tired of thinking what strategies first? Where am I now? Or what else is next? Perhaps, you got a solution for that. As an SEO expert, SEO master, SEO consultant, or whatever you call yourself you must have structured plans in your strategies whether it pertains to links, articles, social media, citations, curation, guest blogging, etc. You can’t just implement something you haven’t planned of doing or you can’t just point out what’s next in a click. SEO is a very fragile environment, yes, it has corrective measures but it is always safer to do it right at first.

As Google tends to center customer relationship in every SEO campaign, you must be able to explore different customer relationship management strategies to be upbeat with the customer’s demands as well with the search engine. Web Results Direct (WRD), founded ten years ago has set a mark for developing Podio[podio.com], a CRM tool for every online marketing campaign. It is a new social collaboration tool that offers organization, flexibility, adjustment, timing, scheduling, and other work apps that can help in maintaining a well-oriented set of tasks.

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Podio is designed to have a simple project management so how can it help for your online marketing campaign? From Search Engine Journal , you will find the uses of Podio such as:

• Guest Blogging Campaigns
• Link Building
• Client Reports
• Social Media Marketing

How can Podio make you better?

• Organization of Client Reports

We used to work with Google Docs (Gdocs). An organized report can create an impression that the organization has set fundamental rules, guidelines and a set of core values manifested through providing clear, and understandable data for reporting. It will create transparency between you and the client, thus setting a trustworthy working atmosphere.

• Task Distribution

Guest blogging, link building, social media and other strategies are considered as tasks. It can come together or gradually. Through Podios structure and available apps, you can set when to do a certain job and to whom it will be assigned. It will generate an even distribution tasks among employees. You can’t do two things at the same time but to avoid repetitive actions, you have to designate tasks to your subordinates. Match their skills with their job to gain optimum performance.

• Easy to Handle and Implement Strategies

Workspaces provide several applications such as Basic Setup, Advanced Setup, Daily Social, Weekly Social, and Monthly Social with Listen, Share, Engage buttons. It will also be scheduled to different social media platforms. It will make every strategies synchronized. What Podio sets apart is the applications it can handle. It can serve as a mixed-bag. Just be sure that all apps are worth putting there.

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Adoption and collaboration are strengths for every business. It can be implemented in the internet competition wherein lots of changes have been experienced. Podio might be new and not perfect but it can make us better practitioners in our chosen field. For me, there are different ways of implementing sets of strategies, the question lies with how will you do it and how well you are in implementing each of it.

Have you tried it? Share your experiences below.

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