To Guest Post or Not?

To Guest Post or Not

Private Blog Network in QuestionWe all know what guest posting is valuable to our site traffic and especially spreading our knowledge. Depending on the quality of site and content you are going to post, you will surely gain quality traffic. So, today I will share to you what I’ve experienced and I am why these kind of sites still existing and asking for a guest post.

One day in search for guest post, I found an interesting email in my inbox wherein she’s asking me to guest post on the sites she listed but you know what I’ve found out. Most of those blog sites where selling supplements just like how to get slim and some are about health related sites and later I will show to you one example of it.

Why I’ve posted about it, especially for those who were starting out to guest post, it is essential that you must take note the qualities of valuable guest posting site and remember where not to guest post to. Since a guest post is not just all about posting a content and gaining links, always remember quality is a must aspect to garner.

Below I make about my differentiation about guest posting and private blog networks.
What can you get?

Guest Post

Private Blog Networks (de-indexed by Google)
Valuable exposure – For new bloggers, guest posting is similar to getting free promotion, especially if you are given the chance to write articles for well-established websites.  Chance of Knowing behind the network– Actually when you are joining this kind of network you can met new bloggers that will persuade you to give an article and the advantage is that you can gain backlinks or links pointing to your site. 
Quality traffic to your site – If you provide good information and write good content, most readers from the site you write for will be curious to read more about what you write. Most sites will allow guest bloggers to include a bio with links to their personal sites. Traffic –Since this is in network and there are various sites that are posting on this one, you can gain also traffic since they are also promoting it with their on social media. This one is in a short period of time since with private blogs sometimes in one day they can post more than 3 times.
Develop relationships with other bloggers – The biggest reward any blogger can get from guest posting is the opportunity to develop relationships with other bloggers, widen their personal networks and learn insider tips.  Links – With this kind of blogs actually you can see more than 3 links, therefore if those who are aiming for links they are joining this kind of sites.
Wider audience reach – Writing for well-established sites is important because they already have a substantial following.  
Opportunity to share your passion –  Guest blogging will allow you to extend your thought leadership to other topics.  
Guest posting Checkpoints: Private Blog Network Checkpoints:
> Look for signs of integrity >Unorganized theme and have an awkward or sometimes a boring template
*Established Website >Poor Categorization
*Cited as an authoritative resource >Have lots of exact-match anchor text pointing to various sites.
* Operated by a thought-leader >Sometimes you’ll find an about section but the next question is who is you’re going to contact?
*Clear editorial and business objectives >Shorter content but having 2 to 3 links and sometimes pointing to same domain.
*A ‘real’ organization behind the website e.g. physical address >Lots of Links on Blogrolls
>Look for social media activity (& other signs of life) >Unorganized Content
>Look for signs of a blogger or editorial staff >Sometimes theme does not match to the topics discussed
>Look at their linking protocols >Containing 2 to 3 pages
>Look at site structure >Sometimes no social signals found
>Would a link from this website make sense from a user’s perspective?

And now here is the one I had discovered, I’ve actually done a screenshot below. That’s why a question was popping-up in my mind: why this one is still existing and asking for a guest post. Seems that networking is still existing.

sample site

And for the about section:

about section

See the example content :


Actually there were a lot of website that were sent but I’ve noticed these patterns:

> Usually having 4-5 pages
>Shorter Content
>Links on Sidebars
>Lots of Exact-match Anchor text
>Lots of links pointing to health-related blogs or websites
>No social marks
>No author bio section
>No Person to Contact to on About or Contact section

This only shows that in guest posting we need to be careful and must be distinctive and able to notice if what are the valuable guest posting sites. So with that kind of site will you guest post or not? It’s simply a big NO and of course it is always awesome to follow the guidelines of search engines, even you have a site related to this one, it is important that you choose quality over gaining links because in the end you might suffer connecting your site with this one. But the big question will be why these kind of strategies is still existing even though Google is strongly fighting against web-spam?

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