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QuoraThis week I’m addicted to Quora and that’s why I made this scope. It’s just about the basics but truly helpful in making Quora a valuable place for information. With an Alexa Rank of 680- as of September 15, 2012 , Quora is continually growing Question and Answer website. Many people have found it as a good source of reference, for researches, new information, latest trends, and other interests. It is also another way of establishing new connections and building your own network with your niche.

Let’s Start the Q&A.

How to set up a Quora Account?


1. There are two ways to sign up.

First is by means of Facebook or Twitter which they allow the said sites to authenticate your identity or if don’t have any of the above, you can opt to sign up and complete the profile they are asking for.

If you chose to sign up by connecting your quora profile with your Facebook or Twitter, it needs to confirm your account. It will automatically preview your profile picture on the social network.

signing up for quora

2. Once you have signed up, you’ll be then undergoing like your first time in any other social accounts. In Quora, you will be ask to choose five topics of your interest to follow. You need to complete you profile, upload your profile picture, and send invite to friends. After then, you will be taken to the main page.

How to connect your Quora in other social media accounts?


When the first time you registered and you take the option to connect it via your Facebook or Twitter account, you can directly allow Quora to gain access from your social networking accounts. But if not then you have to complete the process.

Connecting your Quora account into your blog in WordPress and Tumblr is also possible.

Connecting your social media accounts

Getting Started on Quora?


The first question is suggested by Quora. This website gives you an big emphasis to follow topics than people. Quora lets you experience a good feed.

What compose a feed? It is about all the topics, questions and people you are following. When just starting, you can follow general topics but as you go along, you can follow topics of your niche and at the same time you are given the opportunity to follow questions.

The Language of Quora?


As of the moment Quora content should be written in English. All content reflected in the site must be understandable by the majority of the users. In the near future as Quora will become international, they promise to fix the problem of having it translated in multilingual platform so that all non-English Quorans can ask and answer questions in non-English answers. (http://www.quora.com/Quora-Policies-and-Guidelines)

Identity in Quora?


One important rule of Quora is to use your real name in your account. If ever moderators will find your identity questionable, then they’ll have the right to ask you for supporting details from you.

Use of titles such as “Dr.”, “Ms.” isn’t allowed. Instead, use of degress such as “M.D”, “M.A” or “PhD” is allowed to appear next to your name or to anywhere in your profile.

In some cases that you do not want to reveal your personality, you can add a question or an answer anonymously. Some people would want to hide their identity to answer on question to answer comfortably especially on issues that they want to hide their identity.

Asking Your First Question?


In the upper right corner, there is a tab there that says “write” where you can exactly write your question. Remember that the question you will write reflects who you are.

What makes a good QUORAN? 


Quora prides itself for quality questions and quality answer. It could mean on thing that user of Quora knows quality best. A good Quoran is someone who is:

• Honest
• Genuine
• Asks and Answers professionally
• Active and responsible for answering question that he knows
• Provides sources of data like research from outside works or news
• Has a correct spelling and grammar all the time
• Tries to help with all his knowledge, expertise and experiences
• Participates well in voting for the best answer that hits the question just right
• Suggests edits every time they see even a tiny error like spelling and punctuation
• Doesn’t take advantage on information he can gets in Quora (ask and ask but doesn’t contributing answer)
• Doesn’t feed answers to those who are not worth it

What makes a good Quora question?


Basically good questions deserves quality answers.

Correct the grammar and spelling. Quora isn’t Facebook nor Twitter or worst SMS that you can shortcut words and phrases that only you can understand. It doesn’t limit the number of characters you can post so spell it out. Unless you want answers that looks like an SMS too.
Questions should be clear and concise to attract fellow Quorans to answer it and for you to have the answer too.
Formulate your question in an informative way so that you are not the only one who could benefit but as well as all Quorans who has the same question as yours.

What makes a good Quora answer?


Quora has becoming well known when it comes to a question and answer sites because of “quality answer” its users give. People will not ask a certain question in the first place if they do not terribly seeks for answer unless the question seems to be bad in the first glance.

Because you are a good Quoran, you will answer this way :

• Gives an honest, accurate and answers to the best of your knowledge and ability.
• You need to elaborate your answer, explain in detail what you are trying to say, outline everything why your answer is that way.
• Sourcing. Answers are more authentic the accompanying sources. Some answers need not because the answerer himself is the source.
• Detailed. Not just a phrase or two.

good quora answer

What makes a Quora question/answer promotional?


It is not really avoided that in such site like this there are people who are abusive. They are like spammers who asks and answer questions in an unpleasant way.

Such question or answer looks this way:

• A question, that doesn’t really asks/an answer that did not answer a question at all
• A question like “I have a problem and this is my [URL] /an answer that states “to fix you problem you can try our services [URL]. Truly the bottom line of spamming.
• An answer that always ends with “for more information, visit my [URL] because I can help you better”.
• A question that have been answers by no less than himself – the asker to state his products or what he can offer.

How important Quora for SEO?

• Sharing your expertise
• Know what the experts in every field are talking about
• Learning from others that can help in your strategy information
• Giving additional information that can be useful to others
• It is essential in creating a diversified strategy
• Gaining traffic for your website through the valuable links added in your answers.

Always remember that it is essential to share a valuable answer or ask a sensible question and always follow the rules. It’s one way also of reaching out to those who need your expertise and it’s one way also to seek for answers about your industry. It also a nice way of networking since you can follow fellow Quorans related to your field plus they can follow you if they found you valuable. For more TOS here: Quora’s term of service.

See you at Quora!

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