Learning from Industry Leaders in Ranking Higher in Google and Bing

Ranking Higher in Google and Bing

One way of getting vital traffic is through making a website visible to leading search engines and we all know how powerful Google and Bing are. Last February 2013, ComScore released Share Search report showing an increasing trend for both search engines. Google having 67.5% and Bing having 16.7%, respectively.

ComScore Explicit Core Search

This data only implies to us that as a webmaster or web owner we have to do our best to rank high in both search engines thus considering their guidelines. It is also serves us our inspiration to give importance to search engine optimization.

Although this topic was from SXSW Session, I want to share it in order for us to be more guided in our SEO efforts. These are actually hints from the industry leaders in Search world, wherein the presenters are Danny Sullivan: the founding editor of Search Engine Land, Duane Forrester: Senior Product Marketing Manager of Bing Webmaster Tools and Matt Cutts the distinguished Engineer from Google and the head of its Webspam team. They will be guiding us in our off-page optimization and building signals to search engines. This is because having just a website does not guarantee visibility in the search engines which compels to move and do optimization.

Tips on Ranking Higher in Google and Bing

• Find out if Search Engines are properly indexing your website.

You have to do some investigation here first, if the bots are properly indexing your site. And here’s what we are going to do:

Google search your website, then click the preview then have check the cached version of your website. And click the Text-Only Version.

So if there are no content on that page meaning the bots are not properly indexing your page and they read it with no content.

Knowing if search engine is properly indexing your website

If there are contents meaning, search engines are properly indexing your website and that is how they read your website.

• Remember that all have the right to Compete.

According to the Pros you have to consider focusing on your niche and if your site is starting to gain credibility, you can now start for more competitive topics.

• Focus in Gaining High Quality Links.

One of the questions asked here is that if how both search engines are valuing Press Releases. And according to them they both downgraded the value of Press Releases, because of the way of its distribution. They rather wanted to see sites with high quality links than having about 10,000 links.

• Schema Application.

Schema.org was built due to the collaboration of 3 major search engines which are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Through Schema, search engines can better understand what a website is all about but of course you must not abuse the use if this one. Use it appropriately. And it is easier to be read by Search engines. Although it does not really mean that it can help increasing website’s rankings but it is a great way to make your website properly read by search major search engines but of course if you are getting visibility in major search engines it is a great chance to garner visitors which can help in increasing click through rates.

• Using Webmaster Tools.

Bing and Google have both their own version of Webmaster tools. Even for the SEO Expert, those tools are truly helpful in tracking website improvement in terms of on-site and off-site optimization. It is also useful in tracking our competitiveness in search results. The webmaster tools are our guide in doing SEO, THE RIGHT WAY.

• Optimization for Better User Experience.

Search engines cleaning of spam and duplicate contents proved that it’s working for user experience. Though bounce rates are present, it can’t be directly correlated with user experience. As Google and Bing seemed to be prioritizing users, SEO campaign must focus on user’s welfare as well. This indicates that SEO practices that are effective to users will be effective for search engines and vice versa.

• Proper Usage of 301 Redirects.

We see that 301 redirect is necessary in redirect old pages to new ones where in they can pass the link juice to new pages but we have to take note that proper application must be consider and not only to manipulate the rankings.

The industry leader spoke about these tips, surely, they have done it and has been successful. You can benchmark on this ideas and get the heights of success in your categories and industries.

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