Rebranding: SEOMoz turns to Moz

SEOMoz turns Moz

SEO has a lot of things to offer. It is more than just rankings, keywords, brand building, and much other stuff to help your website boost its visibility. Should SEO still be called SEO ? That’s one thing that clouded mind of users, including me, when we found out the SEOMOZ turns to MOZ. According to some sources, SEOmoz drops “SEO” because it now does more than just SEO because it also provides different strategies, softwares, developments, and others that are considered out of SEO domain. That would somehow look deceiving if it will continue to add SEO on its brand.

Moz  Analytics is still on its beta. Considerably, we can’t yet generalize how the new MOZ will be different, indifferent, or distinguishable with its old SEOMOZ. However, the beta form shows that you will have the time to browse over all data one in one place, how your website performed in a specific time period and many more. Technically, the new Moz is offering something that is different with what it used to. Let’s just find out sometime soon if rebranding actually gained positive feedback from its existing users.

And here is the sneak peek for Moz Analytics:

Moz Sneak Peek

As an SEO practitioner, I have knowledge about marketing principles where branding is covered. Rebranding is such a risk because it can either gain competitive advantage or lose it when you actually have it before. Being true with that you offer is a good principle more than anything else. And this is what Google wants, isn’t it? Taking another side, rebranding will require you to go back from the start, build again your links, authority, reputation, etc. It may be managed by the same people, but the value and reputation of a specific brand is gained over time.

On a positive note, we can see that SEO is elevating in as much as Moz has shown. It doesn’t just focus on search engine alone but also considering the business and its users. Products offered by Moz can greatly help us in building and monitoring different campaigns. We can’t say that it is really going out of SEO, because no matter what you do or offer if your aim is to be seen in Google, or in the internet in general, you are still under the jurisdiction of Search Engine Optimization. There are a lot of things to know about the new MOZ, one thing is for sure, it changed aiming for the better. Plus there are still free tools, paid tools and APIs to help us on our optimization strategy.

Some of the free tools:

free tools from Moz

The new Moz is actually more dynamic and functional. It has different tabs and work functions such as Q&A, Mozinars, etc. These are important integrations that can leverage internet marketing campaigns. I can say that it is an overhauling strategy that can enhance the superiority of the site. As we all know SEOMOZ has been one of the most trusted sites for SEO practitioners, I too, has been a user of it. It’s early to tell if it will be successful or not but I believe that this is a great leap from holding on to SEOMOZ because the site will be known even without that affiliation plus the factor that SEOMOZ already gained a name, logically, MOZ will be associated with it. Therefore, it will be remembered for SEO and internet marketing as a whole.

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