What if your domain was Blacklisted by SiteAdvisor of McAffee?

domain blacklisted by SiteAdvisor

Previously, I posted Solutions to Unlock Your Site from the Blacklist of Yandex. However, it isn’t just the threat; SiteAdvisor of McAffee may also leave you to being blacklisted that will pose negative impact to a website.

How Will You Know that Website has been Blacklisted?

A user who have installed SiteAdvisor will be warned, upon searching, that the website has been blacklisted.

if you have installed site advisor while searching

On the other hand, if you scan the website using Sucuri Security Check and seen this,

sucuri site check siteadvisor blacklist

and when the SiteAdvisor tells you this,

mcaffee siteadvisor

You can also conclude that your website has been blacklisted. Before you go for actions, you need to know what caused the blacklisting.

Why The Website was Blacklisted?

Websites will be blacklisted so that user/searchers will be warned or will be informed about the condition of the website. When the website is blacklisted it can be because of two reasons (1) it has been identified as the source of Malwares and (2) it didn’t follow search engine guidelines. It’s never good to be a source of intrusive software that may damage computer operations by accessing your personal information. SiteAdvisor of McAffee is protecting users/searchers not to be infected of the virus hosted from the website.

Furthermore, search engines struggle to create valuable results for queries in their results page and thus it will show only safe and informative for browsing websites. Each search engine may have different guidelines. A website administrator must check first the guidelines of search engines to avoid violations and being blacklisted.

Website Blacklisted, So What?

SiteAdvisor is a reliable malware monitor. Users will tend to get the software to protect them from being intruded by malwares. When your website is blacklisted you may suffer the following:

Potential loss of Prospects

Internet caters to exponentially large universe. When your website has been blacklisted it will be disregarded by potential customers. It will mean low ROI and loss of revenue for the business. Especially when the user has installed the SiteAdvisor and while searching using a key term related to your website, he will be warned about your website that could make to stop entering to your site.

Tag for Bad Reputation

As one cause of being blacklisted is not following search engine guidelines, you will be perceived as practicing black hat SEO. Also, users will assume that you are not investing on security check and thus will avoid your websites. It will shake your website’s reputation creating a blow in your company image in general.

Negative Impact on SEO

It will take time before you can recover from being blacklisted. It will leave you behind the SEO competition and must exert extra effort to get back in the track.

Website Blacklisted? What To Do?

Being blacklisted will cost you a lot and you will need to regain it. Here’s what to do:

1. Check website and Verify

Get a second look at your website and fix threats or problems that triggered for blacklisting. You must ensure that your website is clean from malicious codes. Reconsideration will not be available for uncleaned websites.

2. Submit for review

When you have cleaned the website, submit it for review. Get to feedback page (http://www.siteadvisor.com/userfeedback.html) and fill a form that shows like this:

user feedback

Note: Choose Submit a Site for re(testing) under type of inquiry.

3. Wait….

In this step you need to be patient, it will take about 3 to 4 days before someone will reply to your concern.

Being blacklisted by SiteAdvior of McAffee will pose a threat to reputation, something that you have worked for long time. From time to time check your website’s condition to avoid getting blacklisted. Lastly, invest on security checks to prevent Malware attacked and other issues that may hamper your online presence.

Got experience with domain blacklisting? Share your insights below.

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