Should SEO be Renamed?

seo should be renamed

Not Search Engine Optimization anymore?

Is the initiative to replace “SEO” with something else means a new birth for the optimization of the sites, or it simply implies that there is really a need for transformation not just in the concept, but also in the entire operation? That is something which cannot directly be presumed but Matt Cutts has notable reactions when asked about the said renaming or replacement.

Since in SEO world, there are actually lots of misconception wherein when we think about search engine optimization, a lot of people consider that it is only about link building to help sites getting visibility in Google or any other search engines therefore it is truly interesting to answer the question about renaming search engine optimization.

And here is the question being asked to Matt Cutts.

question on renaming seo

And here is Matt’s answer:

For him the best way to describe it would be thinking about it in broader terms or thinking about how to differentiate great stuffs like how to make a website load faster, accessible, valuable keyword research or all stuff to help in marketing the website in different ways from those strategies like out of the blue: cold calls, emails, all kinds of link request that are affecting the people perception about search engine optimization.

For him when a lot of people thinking SEO as link building it only shows limitation in this field and also their imagination or visualization about the real SEO means.

The idea to specify and broaden the meaning is good, and he has even mentioned the term “Search Experience Optimization” wherein you can also think about this not search engine optimization.

Focusing on search experience optimization you must consider the following:

• Snippet on the page – Would they like to see this one?

• Landing Page –Are they able to land on your website?

• Conversion of the User – Do the visitors or users landed in your page converted as your lead?

• Happiness of the User – Are the users happy when they explore and see your website?

• Content Shareability –Do they bookmark your page and share it to their social media network?

• Website’s Influence – Through your content strategy of your website, does it influence a user to share it with their friends and at same time wanted to go back on your website?

Thinking about search experience optimization is truly awesome since with this one it shows that your main priority is all about your users or your future prospects. But the saddest thing is that when we go back to the term SEO, a lot of people have negative connotation for this, where in Matt added that we see this kind of situation through CSI type shows wherein somebody have said that SEO have people having “worthless shady criminals” because we all know that there are some black hat existed who do worthless actions like hacking websites who stain the term SEO and associated with a bad name. So that is truly unfortunate for SEO reputation.

So changing its name will make all people come along even those “bad actors”, simply what ever name you come up as long as there are “few bad apples” it will still affect the reputation of search engine optimization. And the best thing to do as I mentioned it above from Matt Cutts discussion is that it is truly better to discuss SEO in broader terms and must differentiate great strategies from crappy ones. It is  like when you think about SEO is must not just be about link building or ranking manipulation on search engine. And for me search engine optimization is all about focusing on the value of the website to the users.

And here is the full video:

What we can do to remove the stain for SEO?

Since we are the one in Search Engine Optimization world let us help one another and on our team we always make sure to discuss to those people who wanted to know about SEO that it is not all about link building and we always share the value of our “Modern SEO” strategy and that is focusing to the value of user experience and at the same time their conversion. And it is like when we think about SEO, for us it can be “Search Experience Optimization”.

If we can share the value of SEO to others, they can see that it is not only a term associated negative reputation but the one that can help a website to do great in creating a unique and valuable user experience. And at the same time we can share it transparently through explaining SEO in our blogs or our network, on what its importance, the strategies involved and how it can help a website maximize its full potential. And when thinking about SEO don’t forget about the webmaster guidelines .

When you need to know more about SEO or search engine optimization you can contact me or just leave a message below. You know we need to elaborate this one in full details since this is not only about rankings it is more than that!

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