How Responsive Web Design can help SEO?

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Have you heard about responsive web design? We all know that it is essential that a website must not only compatible with PC but also with mobile devices. And responsive web design seems something new for us. And maybe not all website owners are familiar with this one.

I was interested in this post since I have read it on Seomoz and Mashable.

What is Responsive Web Design?

This is actually often abbreviated as RWD and this kind of approach is helping a website maximize its viewing experience wherein a website can be compatible in any type of devices whether PC or mobile ones or whatever the size of the screen is. Based on the SEO of responsive design shared article, there is a 55% increase in the use of smartphones in 2012. This truly implies that it can open great opportunities in the future in line with online marketing.

To further support this claim Nielsen released its data showing that web surfing with the use of mobile web or apps are increasing.

use of mobile web or apps 2012

You can see the increase in internet consumption through mobile applications and mobile web. As of 2013, it is even far increasing. Therefore a web owner must not just focus on how the webpage will be shown in a PC or laptop. Much more than that, as Internet became widely available, some other gadgets to consider are the following:

how we connect

As of 2012, we can still say that PC dominates other means of web browsing however, the pattern shows otherwise. Connecting through PC is declining whereas other gadgets showed increase of usage. If the pattern continues to do so, web browsing will be scattered through other means of browsing. Also, mobile web users tend to be more active than those using computers. In the image below from Nielsen, it reveals that after watching a TV ad, web browser will simultaneously look for it via their mobile devices.

mobile devices usage

Thus, it is essential for a web owner to be viewable in these internet enabled gadgets. It must be tapped to increase probability of higher conversion rates. The question however lies with how SEO will be affected with responsive website design.

How RWD can help SEO?

Making a worthwhile reading experience. Whatever the screen size would be the size of the image and text can adjust and can fit the screen. It will create comfort and convenience for web browsers.

  • The simplest way to be compatible with any type of viewing devices.
  • Having this means that there is no more interrupting redirects, you will only going to build just one set of links. It will be more meaningful since using a non- RWD site will require redirects to be compatible that will allow users to see the mobile version.
  • It can improve site speed, since by just having responsive web design there is a single version to maintain.
  • Gain traffic in mobile searches. With the shift of web browsing to mobile and other gadgets, web owners must react and adjust to this through creating web design compatible for any gadget.
  • Gain organic rankings through mobile web searches. As Google considers mobile searches, a mobile site with responsive web design is likely to gain higher ranks than non-mobile site when a user is using other gadgets.
  • It will not compromise your link building campaign. RWD will make your website the same and only one in the internet spot (duplicate content is not a problem). It will mean that your backlinks in one device will be the same counts for mobile site because it will be automatically adjusted with responsive web design. It simply means that if you are going to apply for a responsive web design you are going to have a combined gaining of links, for example if in the mobile version it has 5 likes and in the desktop version it has 30 likes, your website will have 35 likes all in all wherein if it does not apply RWD each version will be treated as different resulting to the Desktop version will rank higher than the mobile version.

Once a web owner is having an SEO campaign, it must be extensive in a way that all possible media shall be utilized. RWD is simply a new way of getting ahead of your competitor. When you got a compatible web page, it will open a larger scope of target market as users of other enabled gadgets tend to do web browsing more often. So this is truly interesting to apply and talk about. Even me, I am planning for this innovation for AlSEOBlog .

In your case are you ready for this change? Share your thoughts below.

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