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If you are paying attention to results shown when you search on Google, you would notice that there are stars before your listings that appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Take a look at this,

sample individual review
Source: Google Webmaster Tools Help

or if there has been many people reviewing your site, you can probably see this,

aggregate review
Source: Google Webmaster Tools Help

Or you can search in Google using the keyword “organic seo marketing”, did you find the stars?

At any of these instances you can probably see the 5 star ratings for this site. What does the rating mean? These stars are boosting the credibility of the site since many people have browsed over it and perceived to provide a positive experience. It gives a reputable impact that will create a positive impression towards the site. It may not be a review on its full form such that it must be made with words and sentences but ratings can manipulate the Google Review System.

Why you need to have the stars on it?

Searchers will be looking for websites that have also been trusted by other user. When 5 stars are seen in your page, it can be an eye catcher leaving the rest of the results in the SERP.

It will prompt the searcher to click your link because it shows that the website has the information she will need. Click-Thru Rate is helpful in generating traffic for the website.

Unique representation in the SERP will encourage users to visit the website.

How can you add stars in your website?

Adding a review mark up shown by 5 stars in your website can be done in many ways. Whether you are using WordPress or Blogger supported website you can add the star ratings before it appears on SERP:

For WordPress, you can follow the following:

Based on the searches I’ve done, you can actually used some plug-ins to your WordPress Site like using Author hReview .

AuthorHReview WordPress Plug in

Or you can add using Code Creator

From these site, you can generate your code for having two rows of reviews, that is equal to 2 rows.

Adding through Schema or Rich Snippet for Reviews

Adding reviews mark up in the body of a web page wherein it can be identify by Google and can read this information about your website. To know more about the Rich Snippet for Reviews, you can find it here.

After doing any of these steps, you must check with Google’s rich snippet testing tool to check if codes were set up properly.

Rich Snippet Testing tool

Following Guidelines is a Must

This snippet has been existing but was not really given attention. However, as SEO became very competitive, each corner of Google SERP should be maximized. Ratings can be convincing about your websites trustworthiness, however you must follow this guidelines to create a meaningful review system:

rules for rich snippet for reviews

However, these stars should not put Google SERP into mockery. Ratings can be done organically which means you don’t have to force someone to make ratings or reviews for your site. Those who have truthfully experience the product or the services or even have been impressed of how the website was presented should be the one to provide ratings. The star ratings is not intended to trick Google to manipulate organic searches but to show what websites deserve to be seen, clicked and get a good reputation in the world wide web.

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