Samuru- Spam Free Search Engine VS Google


We want to have a spam free world wide web. Google has been aiming for that since then but it seems that it is simply hard to get a spam free search engine. However, as Brandon Wirtz, an SEO guy became dedicated enough for his own spam free search engine, Samuru was made.

How it differs from Google and other search engines guidelines for indexing?

• It has the ability to read content and rank webpages through analyzing the webpages and its content’s writing style, context, page type and authority.
• Detect the nature of the content whether it is informative, instructional, timely, updated, editorial, etc.
• Focuses on the authority of the author and give justice to the efforts exerted by journalists.
• Does not give votes for links instead focuses on analyzing the pages and matches it with the queries.
• Does not mention about social signals.
• Guidelines? Just focus on the content of your website and that’s it.

Example (as cited in Hacker News and Shared in SEO Round Table of Barry Schwartz):

You search for “How to Make cupcakes” and Google will show pages with the most inbound links. While Samuru will show results considering that the query is an instruction.

Samuru can give content-wise results. It promises “no spam” in the pages that will show up. It is a revolutionary movement from a used to be SEO guy. Google finds it hard to scrape out all spam pages in the internet. Its because its algorithm has already indexed all of the pages and getting out of it is probably harder. You can’t compare it with a newly built language heuristics technology, Liquid Helium. What if it has been here for a while and already indexed websites. We can’t tell that a legitimate site will always be one, because you can never predict when it will go underground SEO tactics. That makes it fall for its major drawbacks.

• Contains one page SERP. Information is limited. This is because Samuru has not yet indexed other websites.

• It considers key phrases as instructions, word for word. That makes it unreliable unlike Google that understands the whole context of the query before showing results (LSI).

Does it make any difference with Google SERP?

If you tried to search for the same queries in both search engine, you can see some common results. The difference is the placement.

Does it make better than Google?

Samuru has not yet invested a lot and proven its efficiency unlike Google that has been the reference of many users. It doesn’t make less of Samuru, but Google must have proven its way up in terms of quality results. It doesn’t also mean that it is not a helpful site, indeed it is, since it will be showing their version of saying what a quality content is. However, it does not replace Google, in a deeper sense.

How does it helps us?

Practically, it’s a different approach towards searching and showing results. However, the search engine is basically infant in nature. You can use it yes, but it doesn’t give wider results. It doesn’t also give its guidelines how a page tagged as quality or not. You think it’s possible that they are manually reading the page and its content? What about pages with different languages?

We can say that it is helpful in a way that it is only different in Google and that content is their priority of deciding which page to show up. It’s a great start though. We just need to expect for some developments.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned fact, this is still a great development from Baron Wirtz. If it can be improved it might gain a spot for search areas. And what is interesting about this search engine is that when Baron was asked by Matt Cutts if how he come up with this one considering that he is SEO for many years, where in he simply answered that they use this kind of approach: impossibility for Brandon Wirtz to game this search engine. And for an SEO Expert, this is simply interesting to hear.

Thoughts? Or have you tried searching on it? Share your insights below.

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