Screaming Frog SEO Spider: Watch Your Site the Way Google Does

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Google’s way of crawling one’s website is transparent. Google administrators let you know how they push a website up the ranks. So to say the spider’s legs movements are predictable just when you know how far you have been doing in your SEO campaign.

However, we don’t know how Googlebot will exactly crawls our site. What we know is the SEO strategy, the guidelines and penalties that will help us build a successful website. To have a bird’s-eye-view of Googlebot spidering website files, Screaming Frog SEO Spider was launched. It is a free tool you can download at your PC. It can help you watch over your links and your website. It will extract results for the following:

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The Screaming Frog SEO Spider’s Functions

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a free program you can download from the internet. It will help you analyze, audit and review a site on an SEO perspective. It will show the raw file of your on page status through extracted Excel file. Particularly, it will help you identify SEO issues and fix problems before it get worse. It will help you determine how Google views your site or your competitor’s website.

The tool is a great help to medium and large sites where plenty of pages have been made. It will easier to detect broken links and duplicate contents.

Must Know About the Tool

First of all the tool is free but its usefulness is limited. With free tool you can only get up to 500 URI and doesn’t have access to full version of source code features. Other tips in using it include:

Screaming Frog SEO spiders the subdomain you enter and the rest of the links are tagged as external links.

When you want other pages to spider you have to specify the path it follows. For example to spider all the links in that page.

When you’ve got plenty of inner pages, better get the paid tool. It will allow you to configure crawl patterns.

The tool is robots.txt compliant. It will spider .txt file same as Google does.

The tool counts words/URL which is essential in identifying low content pages

Screaming frog spider will allow you to auto check updates in the website.

It might be limited but the way it spiders your on page elements are same the way Google does.

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Importance to SEO

When you speak of an SEO tool, of course, it has to give an impact in your SEO campaigns. How can this tool help you? It can be in two ways (1) watching over your own site and (2)watching over your competitor’s website.

Since the tool will scrutinize website’s technical structure, you will have an idea where have you gone wrong and how you can resolve it. On-page optimization weighed the same as offsite optimization and thus there has to be a balance between the two. The tool will allow you to maintain a quality website structure. And it will help you draw strategies where to start at since Google’s point of view will be transparent as well. Indeed, the tool functions as a Googlebot at your end.

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