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SEO for Doctors

The unnoticed presence of marketing and customer relations campaign of most physicians in the web has already become epidemic that, even in some social media and professional sites where the target clients are exploring, their sites still seem so invisible both in the literal eyes and that of the search engine. This dilemma may lead to the inefficiency of the online services which the medical firms are extending to their patients, especially for consultation purposes. When it happens, it is predictable that the profit of the company would decline as the trust of the clients diminishes due to uncomfortable virtual experience.

For example, searching with just California Doctors, you get 177,000,000 results what if you’re not on the first page?

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Otherwise, if a medical site is purely concerned on reaching out with the potential clients, then there can be lesser hassle in the online services, but the issue of whether or not it gets a remarkable rank in the search results for users cannot just be set aside; it is apparent when an optimizer has observed that almost no one is visiting the site, or there being no response to any post or article. In this case, how could a physician or group of medical practitioners expect of getting clients to enlarge their sphere of influence and bolster their means of professional income? Unfortunately, there is none which a webmaster can do, except of doing the same process, but now with a more enhanced SEO strategies.

Definitely, if you’re a doctor and already doing an SEO, what you just need is to enhance your techniques or regular practices, but if you’re a physician who is behind with the needs of time, or simply, has not yet utilized an optimization for yourself or company, then you really have to open new doors of opportunities to cure not just the biological diseases, but also the instant needs of your clients and peers in the web by doing a worthwhile venture in the social media sites and any other related sites which are related to your service or profession so as to optimize your chances of getting your name or business on the top light. But, meanwhile, if you’re wondering how a search engine optimization can bring success to you and your colleagues, then you really need to make yourself aware of the following facts:

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• Patients are Using Search Engines – as you may probably know, most patients today would feel it comfortable to just stay in their home and look for private doctors in the internet who can be instantly hired for a medical service. Hence, in the process, they are using different engines to serve their purpose, and if you’re medical site is well-optimized, you certainly have a great possibility of getting new clients. Just imagine if ten clients have contacted you after they have found your site in the search result; isn’t that worth your expense and sacrifice doing an optimization? Yet, on the other side, you can likewise establish your reliability to the potential clients when your site is able to provide them with relevant information as to the possible queries about certain diseases that they might raise in the web. But when your site has a lower rank in the search engine and unable to come out on the top results, then no matter how comprehensive it is, it will have no impact on your target clients; it only exists as a site in the web, but serves no function to make your online activity a profitable one.

• Yellow Pages and the Like are Getting Obsolete – unlike before that you really have to aim being on the initial list to be detected, now is different; you don’t have to change your name to start with the letter “A” to achieve your goal, all you have to do is to optimize your site because whatever the word or phrase you may have, the search engine would still be able to detect it if you are on the top of the rank. However, it would still be safe to always be precise with your keyword so, like the exactitude of your prescription that would have no adverse effect to your patient, you can also have a safe result which is free from the ambiguity of the users and the search engine.

• Online Searchers Prefer First Page Results – there have been a lot of studies that vindicated the theory that most online searchers prefer not the 2nd page result, but the 1st result to see what they are seeking for. Thus, it really pays a lot for you to aim being on the top 1 rather than just wishing to place in any rank.

On the other hand, you might also long been doing personal marketing in the social media sites, but found it not efficient since there has been no significant improvement either to your ranking or in the acquisition of new clients. There can be a lot of factors which may be considered as the cause of this outcome; it may be related to online practices in confidentiality of information and consistency of the services rendered by the physician. The reason why, in doing an effective business relation activity and SEO in the social media sites, you have to observe the guidelines below:

• As an ethical physician, you should always uphold the trust of your clients by protecting the their privacy and the confidentiality of every information they reveal to you. For this reason, don’t ever dare to post defamatory information even if it is medical-related, or cite your client’s name just for the sake of getting other users’ attention; it’s unprofessional practice that could lead to your immediate failure;

If there is one essential thing which you should always check, that is your privacy setting. By checking, you are not just simply looking what’s new with your account, but rather determining and deleting the posts or other items included therein that could undermine your reputation; but if you find a certain post worthy of response, then give a feedback for it is one way of establishing relationship with your follower or client;

During interaction with your patients in the internet, you must maintain professionalism by abiding not only with medical ethics, but also with personal consideration that there should be limitation in every word that you utter and every expression which you do. This does not mean creating a gap between you and your client, but observing what is proper for you as a doctor and your client as a private person;

Your personal information should always be separated with your professional information in your account so it would easy for any client to know your background. Yet, you should also not forget to accept your patients invitation to maintain good relationship with them;

If you see any unprofessional content or irrelevant post made by your colleague, you should be responsible to call his attention and delete or edit his post. If you don’t know how to remove it, then it would be favorable for you to ask assistance from the one who has knowledge about it;

You should always be aware that whatever you post online has a corresponding effect to your clients or any person reading it. Thus, to avoid receiving negative feedback, always ensure quality to every your every post.

Meanwhile, mere knowing of what you should do while online is not enough when you are unable to discern your prime purpose and other essential things about the social networking sites and directories. Hence, to familiarize yourself with other things you need to know, just continue reading the succeeding sub-items which are based from QuantiaMD Reasearch:

7 Common Reasons why Physicians are online

Online presence of Doctors

Social Networking Sites Of Physicians

social media for doctors -by QuantiaMD

Facebook tops the list of social media sites for physicians’ personal use, but it is remarkable that they prefer online physician communities for their professional use. Below are the sites’ ranking in two categories:

Personal Use:
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. LinkedIn
4. Physician Communities
5. Google+
6. Blog
7. Twitter
8. Patient Communities

Professional Use:
1. Physician Communities
2. LinkedIn
3. Facebook
4. YouTube, Google+, Blog
5. Twitter, Patient Communities

Examples of Physician Communities:

Doctor's profile

doc2doc (
Student Doctor Network (
sermo (
Relaxdoc (
Healtheva (
DoctorsHangout (

Examples of Specialty Sites:

BioCrowd (
Dermrounds ( (
Presentdiabetes (
Podiatry (
Surgytec (
Syndicom (
Within3 (

Example of Local Directories:

Local Directories for Doctors

Elocaldoctors (
WebMD Physician Directory (
Healthgrades (
Yahoo! (
Buprenorphine Drug Detox (
Practicegeneral (
Beyondblue (

You always have a choice to prescribe and take any brand of paracetamol for your flu, but when it comes to the illnesses of your clients, you have to be very exact; and regarding the improper functioning of your online marketing, you have no other option except the SEO which is the generic name of success to your business!

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