SEO Happiness:Gained when you Beat Frustration

SEO Happiness

SEO is a challenging industry where you need to be upbeat with changes, updates, trends and competition. In such instance where you gain less control over results, frustration is your hindrance to happiness.

Being Happy in SEO

Happiness is defined as a mental or emotional state of well-being that is characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness can be gained in many forms such as money, power and fame. However, it is also contested because other philosophers believe that there is no human contentment. We all aim to have something new and we are surrounded by countless wants. In life, happiness can be gained if you have been contented of something and that your expectations are always met. On the other hand, as we go on with life, we will realize that such expectations are not always met because of external factors that may or may not be controlled by ourselves.

If we spoke about SEO, there are a lot of expectations: top rankings in Google, flourishing Alexa rankings, high conversion rates, user experience, client satisfaction, etc. They may complement or not each other. You can have the top rankings and Alexa rankings but your conversion rate may fail. If such scenario happens, you tend to feel frustrated and you will lose interest.

The Secret for SEO Happiness

To fight this reaction you have to embody the following characteristics:

• Love the challenge. Well, yeah, it is always easier said than done. But the truth is this is what other people made successful. Being in any industry will not simply be easily handled. There will be smooth and rough times of life. Embrace SEO as your own life. Facing every update must be like waking up every morning with bundles of challenges but you don’t have a choice but to open your eyes and keep on going with life.

• Aim for learnings more than results. If you have failed to satisfy one of your clients (client pull outs), don’t be easily frustrated. Learn from it and do not do the same to your next clients. You have to learn from your mistakes to keep your foot forward. SEO will not make you stagnant, it will give you more and brighter ideas as time goes by.

• Be positive and aggressive. You have to do what it takes to be in the number 1 spot. Check every corner of opportunities and take every challenge as a way to improve yourself and prove that you can do better than you used to be. Updates are challenges while results are mere rewards of what you’ve done.

• Be inspired. One secret of being a true entrepreneur is that you love what you do. This is because you consider it as an inspiration. It is often reminded that you must “Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We all fight frustrations in life. Where do stress and depression start? Where does stagnation start? And where does betterment stop? One word, frustration. In SEO where frustration and success is separated by a thin line, you have to beat frustration by empowering your inner perspective and embodying a brighter discretion. When you have been frustrated and seemed to fail to cope with updates and changes, think that life will still go on. You don’t have a choice but to deal with it. But you can be happy if you deal with it positively.

And to be happy at work I would like to share also one of the interesting talk at TED of Shawn Achor:

Be inspired and always think positive.

Al Gomez

SEO Consultant, Online Marketer & Blogger, Web Developer & DLINKERS Founder.

“Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”