10 SEO Learning Curves: Unleashing Blind Spots of Failures

SEO Learning Curves

There are instances in my SEO consultations,  I heard the previous stories from some of my clients on why their SEO campaign led to failure. It is truly a learning experience to hear from those kinds of experiences and I am glad that they have opened it up and shared to me. For you to also learn and uncover important points or the SEO learning curves which you may have neglected, I am sharing it to you.

Why their SEO Campaigns lead to failure?

#1 Failed to see SEO Companies Track Records.

According to them these companies are also maintaining their own websites but their clients haven’t able to check if the rankings of their keywords are truly on top they have just stick to the information they presented plus a little bit of marketing pitch.

Learning Curve: It is important to understand how the SEO company works for their own website. They can never give something they don’t have. As an investor, you have to be vigilant in choosing SEO companies that know well how SEO works. So, check first how they stand on their niche before they extend to yours.

#2 No Site Reviews or Analysis, Keyword Research or Site Recommendation were presented.

All they have presented is a GUARANTEE that in a few weeks they can able to get the sites ranked especially in Google even though they are handling competitive keywords plus a “Pay for result” scheme.

Learning Curve: Good words can’t guarantee results. There has to be a basis for giving such assurance. Realize how the SEO company understand your website and how they are going to make it rank or produce your expected results. In SEO, it’s not just the rankings or the traffic that is important but also the process of getting there.

#3 No SEO Reports were sent.

Another critical issue is that they will only give the keyword rankings status but no SEO reports presented that should have contained types of strategies created which means that they will have no idea why their keywords are ranking highly. It can be best if there are reports presented since as a website owner you will have the idea on the effectiveness of strategy they are applying. What if the site will be penalized because of the links they built, it is truly hard to track those links plus the log-in info, all you need to do is just to e-mail the webmaster for link removal request.

Learning Curve: Employ transparency between you and the SEO company. Always ask, how you get these results? What are your strategies? This is a preemptive technique so that when something goes wrong along the way, you have something to look back at.

#4 In just a few weeks, increasing keywords rankings were seen even on competitive keywords.

This is truly surprising, since even on our campaign we usually see the effect after one month or even after four months. It seems that there is aggressiveness in building the campaign.

Learning Curve: Evaluate the stability and legitimacy of a result. Ranking for a short period of time? Logically, this can be impossible if the campaigns were ethical and approved by Google. Artificial ranks can suddenly lose if Google finds unusual activity in the site.

#5 Too many Spammy Links were built over a Short Period of time.

Based on investigation after the site that has been penalized, the root cause of penalty is that there are too many spammy links built over a short period of time.

Learning Curve: Check the campaigns. Automated link and contents are not welcome in the web. Having spammy links will simply hurt your website. Also, check the tools used by your chosen SEO company.

#6 Posting duplicate content.

Based on checking of their links you can see duplicate contents with their anchor text which only shows that it can manipulate the rankings. It is truly better to create high quality content that have lots of social shares than making low-quality sites will never add value to your site.

Learning Curve: Spend some time reading contents for your website. A random check won’t take much of your time but will save your website from dropping off the SERP.

#7 Links created on Footer and sidebar or site-wide links.

It is one of the reasons actually, why SEO campaign failed plus it makes the sites to get penalized.

Learning Curve: Should links be there? That’s why reports are important. It will allow you to see where your sites have been linked to, or where links have been made in your website.

#8 Focusing or using few strategies.

If they see that bookmarking is only the best way to get high rankings, they will only focus on that strategy and this is based on one of our client experiences wherein he get penalized because of his anchor text links are bookmarked on low quality sites.

Learning Curve: In SEO, each strategy give different impacts to the website. When varieties of strategies are used, it will be easier to get to the top without violating rules of webmaster guidelines.

#9 Failure in Communication.

The SEO specialist or consultant never informs the client if there is a need to change on its website or if there is a problem, he only gives the results about the ranking of the keywords. Don’t even give feedback about the campaign which is truly interesting to know what’s behind the campaign.

Learning Curve: Investing on a SEO campaign means they are already part of the business model. Extending dollars to them implicitly compel them to be part of the business communication channel. Thus, they should be required to pass updates and situations of your websites.

#10 Client’s suggestions are not implemented.

For no reason the SEO Consultant does not apply what the client suggested and don’t event mind developing the parts that needs improvement.

Learning Curve: Communication gap can significantly impact the performance of the website. When you want to improve something on your website, ask the SEO Company to do so, check and follow up if the improvements were made. However, there are some things that SEO Company might misunderstand you so clear your purpose and ask also some suggestions from him. Exchange of ideas should be manifested for website maximum performance.

SEO can be very challenging and competitive. It is not a risk-free investment but when you uncover the blind spots of failure, you can convert risks to returns. You just have to collaborate with a SEO company or a SEO Consultant that knows well your need, expectations and generate results that will push your website up and make your business stand out in the competition.

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