SEO Recommendations for Small to Medium Sized Business

SEO Recommendations for Small to Medium Sized Business

Most of us think that SEO is intended only for big companies with international operations. But the truth is it is designed for everybody, more so, with small to medium sized businesses. Owners of this business often don’t have vast knowledge about SEO. All they could do is depend on the knowledge of the SEO expert who will do the job for them.

Allen the owner of the has the same sentiments. Quoted from his words he shared,

“I’m not usually the type of person to give recommendation. If I’m going to rate something or someone 5 stars, that means it was perfect and delivered in every way. That sums up the working experience I have had with Al Gomez and his team. I have worked with several SEO companies as well as individuals in the past. It seems anyone can call themselves an SEO expert these days and when outsourcing this type of work, it can be difficult to find the right person, at least in my experience. Times are changing and getting ranked on Google is not a simple case of creating a bunch of backlinks. Even with my limited knowledge of SEO, I knew I needed to find a knowledgeable individual to get ranked for the fairly competitive keywords that I was targeting. From the beginning, Al has been extremely responsive both by email and on Skype. He has provided comprehensive reports to show me what his team has done. But above all, within a couple of months he has completely turned around our fading SERPs under our previous SEO, and we are now dominating for many keywords. So much so that I’ve been looking for new keywords to target. I feel like I have forged a great working relationship with Al and I am currently in discussion with him to expand our current operations. Obviously I can only speak from personal experience but if you’re looking to rank well locally for your small to medium sized business, Al can get the job done and will be honest about the expected results/timeframe.”

As you can see there are a lot of things you should consider before getting the SEO team who will do the campaign for you. From his words, here are some you must remember:

• Choose an SEO expert who is responsive and knows how to communicate. SEO is changing and evolving. You must hire someone who can understand you and can provide you updated information about SEO and their ways of coping it. He must be able to provide heads up to give you a better SEO perspective.

• Check on what strategies they are doing through comprehensive reports. Some SEO company don’t show how they do their job but Al seemed to be a very detailed person allowing Allen to understand the SEO process that leads them to better results.

• Ask for the time frame when you can see the results. As a small to medium business, you can’t afford to be blinded by false expectations. You need to efficiently allocate your budget to ensure that you get maximum benefits out of minimum resources.

• Provide keywords that you want to rank. You have to be objective and direct your SEO expert what you want to happen. Don’t let them throw bullet into the woods instead you must also help them understand what results you expect. Allen’s keyword such as wedding cinematography rates step on rank 1 of Google  Canada SERP.

• Hire an honest person. Honesty is rare to find. In SEO where you communicate through the online world, entrusting your business to someone is risky. When you find a proven honest SEO, it is easier to get into success.

SEO is challenging but there are ways to cope with it. You don’t have to do it alone. An SEO expert will help you through the way.

Al Gomez

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