SEO SPY Glass Tool: Discover How to Out-Rank Your Competitors

seo spy glass tool

Stuck with low ranks in Google? Struggling just to reach the first page of SERPs? Then you have probably missed out what is important. SEO is a tough and rough competition. You can’t work alone, unless you can manipulate Google’s algorithm. You have to understand how the industry works and how your competitors compete. It’s not cheating, in business, it’s called benchmarking.

Google follows set of standard regulations, what works with your competitor will work on your website. SEO Spy Glass is an effective tool in understanding the whole picture of competition. It will teach you about the following:

Where to get high quality backlinks?

As modern search engines value only high quality backlinks, the competition starts with where you can get these backlinks. Logically, not any of your competitors will show it to you. Therefore you must look, dig and spy for it.

Effective Keywords

Choice of keywords is very crucial in optimization. Some keywords may have been over optimized or can also be very or less competitive but won’t deliver traffic to your website. Your competitors must be using surefire keywords or phrases that you need to know about.

Quantity of Links

To everything there is always an optimum level. Even in optimization proper allocation of backlinks should also be practiced. Quality and quantity are essential in creating a balanced and effective link building strategy.

What sites send traffic to your competitor?

Competition doesn’t just focus on getting more backlinks but what websites especially directories give traffic. You can share from these resources and catch up with competition faster and easier.

These are the four terms that can be generated by the SEO Spy Glass. Through looking and digging for your competitor’s backlinks, you can apply it on your own. However, as a responsible SEO expert, you’ve got to improve it. Your SEO spy will reveal your competitors link building strategy showing:

seo spy info

These are important information you can get from SEO Spy Glass. It will help you spy on top ranking competitors, will help you analyze competitions, and will give you steps how to outrank your competitor. However, you should not just directly copy its strategies; it will just serve as your basis if you are still in the track of competition. It is also essential that you will study your own backlinking strategy.

Furthermore, you should also understand the whole picture of competition. It is important to balance your internal and external environment. When you’ve been through with it, you can now capitalize on improving your backlinking strategy.

How To Use SEO Spy Glass?

1. Download the SEO spyglass tool.

2. Create new project. Select from the options of which analysis you prefer.

analysis option

3. Just Follow the instructions and fill in necessary details.

4. Create Google analytic account for backlink sources or if you already have an existing account, just enter you login information.

create google analytic account

5. After clicking the next button, the tool will collect and show your entire competitor’s backlinks. You can sort all directories, newly found backlinks, etc. by just clicking the option from the upper right corner of the tool.

Sort Backlinks

6. The tool allows you to generate a vivid report in order for you to see and analyze clearly your competitor.


7. You can also compare projects if you have already done any projects that are saved on your computer.

compare projects

Lastly, SEO Spy Glass is a tool you can utilize to be on top of the competition. Don’t hesitate to spy on your competitors or else you’ll hate yourself for being kicked out of Google.

Note: This is not an affiliate post, it is simply sharing a tool that I found helpful.

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