SEO Tips for Holiday Season

seo tips for holiday season

This year is really a challenging one for the webmasters as the Google updates have subsequently rolled out with huge algorithm effects. It changed their SEO strategies and even their mindset towards what is being required by the search engine to get better results and avoid penalty. That made a history as the needs of the users for value and quality were satisfied, and the unethical practices in the web were resolved. But it does not mean the end of the challenge because even on holidays the Google team has still some important reminders with regards to optimization and other matters.

It was Matt Cutts through a webmaster video who made such “holiday tips” which are intended to advise the webmasters to take safety precautions with their data, and use Google’s Chrome browser. By using such, Matt said that you will be safe from malware because it can detect malicious code inserted to a website. He likewise mentioned that having system back up is one way of being prepared if something happens on your site.

Don’t forget the Updates

That is how simple is the advice of Google, but taking note of such would really help you avoid being bothered by any SEO problem while you are having good time in vacation. But nevertheless, if there is another important things which you should not forget before the year 2012 ends is the updates which have rocked the SEO world.

What are the Implications of the Updates?

Panda was updated for 14 times and that only means that Google is focusing on giving valuable content to the searchers. Yet, it also denotes that if we are not going to focus on producing quality contents, we will surely get affected by the update.

This year Google has a strong drive to fight against web spam through Penguin updates, and it reminds us that there are quality guidelines to follow.

The knowledge graph update created a unique users’ experience which highlights the convenience of getting information in just a single search.

Link warnings make us aware that if we will not use ethical strategies, we will end up receiving them.

EMD updates informs us to end ranking manipulation by using exact match domain.

“Venice” gives us an idea that local results are truly important and we must consider it in our off-site optimization.

Search quality highlights show how hard-working Google is to provide quality results.

Page-lay-out update reminds us that websites should be designed to create quality users’ experience.

The updates in the webmaster guidelines and the Disavow tool give an idea that the Search Engine Optimization is still working provided that your goal is to give quality users’ experience through ethical and up-to-date strategies.

Additional SEO Tips for Holiday Season:

It is given that during holidays, you would probably be spending time with your families or friends; thus, if you have blogs to maintain, it is wise to have a schedule of posts and reserve a short time reading current updates to avoid undesirable consequences that may arise out of your ignorance of the essential things. Likewise, it would also be better if you inform your readers that you can stay connected through social media accounts.

Before this year ends, these are some valuable activities to do:

It’s Audit Time or a Time to Reflect on what you have done throughout this year. Whatever realization you may have may serve as good basis for the next plan.

Check all the URLs and fix if there are broken links.

Leave information in your site about where can you be connected when you are on-line and off-line.

After Auditing, it can also be best time to formulate new strategies and draft a plan for the next year.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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