Why Use Search Operators to Find what You’re Looking For?

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Searching for certain information in the web is never a simple thing because you are not always assured of having the results that you are looking for; all you have in mind is that the search engine will provide you with the things relative to what you have typed-in. But this is somehow ineffective for there is a tendency that what you get is not what you desired to see, and, thus, you end up with the scraps and not able to have those data which are hiding because your search terms are not specific.

In such case, the uses of search operators are necessary because they really serve not only as your guide in searching for something, but also in deriving at the right results that can answer your need. And some of these operators which are compatible with Google, Bing, Blekko, Yandex, and Baidu that can greatly help in your online search activity for personal, business, or SEO purposes .


site:www.website.com – this search operator is appropriate to use if you want to search for a particular website. Likewise, by using such, you can find for a specific topic from the website using this search code Keyword phrase site:www.website.com. However, you should not include a space between the site and the domain to acquire the results that you desire.

allintitle:keyword phrase // intitle:keyword phrase – if you specified a keyword in the title, the search engine will restrict the results to that; thus, you should always make sure that the term that may possibly be searching by the users is included in your title.

allinurl:keyword phrase // inurl:keyword phrase – having broader yet specific keyword in the URL is really necessary as Google is restricting the results to the term included therein.

Allinanchor:keyword phrase // inanchor:keyword phrase – in using this search operator, you should ensure that all query words should appear in anchor text of links to the page.

keyword * phrase – this is known as wildcard(*) which is being used to search for terms separated by one to five words. This type of command is also one best way of finding articles about specific topics to build potential list of business prospects.

related:website.com – it is being used in searching for the “neighborhood” of the backlinks. And interesting to know that by the use of this command, Google will return webpages that are similar to the page that you have specified.

keyword phrase filetype: – example of this is [training module filetype:pdf], and using this command Google will display the results which are relevant to the keyword in filetype that you have specified.

Info:www.website.com – this command will be best to use if you want to search about the information of a certain website.

Keyword phrase location: – with the use of this search operator, you can expect Google to show the cached version of a specific web page.

Link:www.website.com – if you want to find pages that link to the site that you have specified, then using this command is the most appropriate as Google will restrict the results to that.

source: – this one is good in searching for the news articles from specified sources which you have typed-ins.

Weather – want to stay updated about the current weather? Then this command will certainly be best to use as it shows what you want to know in a given location.

Define: – using this command, Google can provide you with the definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms that you are searching for in the Web.

On the other hand, Blekko uses “slashtag search” that allows you to use the slashtag key (/) to refine your search. Here are some of the search operators:

/links – by using this command, the search engine can provide you with the links of a certain site.

/sitepages – this search operator can let you check the popularity of the internal pages of a site.

/domanduptext./duptext – with the use of these commands, the Blekko can display the URLs having the same have content of the website that you are looking for. Thus, it can help you in checking or detecting content theft.

Indeed, searching would be difficult for any user without the right search operators which can lead the key terms to the right results that one is looking for. So better make your search experience easier and more efficient by incorporating them in your regular online habit!

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