AlSEOBlog Rewind: The Biggest and Unforgettable Moments of 2012

The Biggest and Unforgettable Moments of 2012

Heraclitus, a famed philosopher of his time said that “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” It had been a universal maxim, a fundamental principle that applies not only in life, but as well in businesses, and yes…in SEO. The year 2012 came with numerous changes in SEO that rattled websites from all over the world. Plenty of SEO companies big and small went into the lowest point when after the the Google Panda, Penguin hit thousands of websites in the World Wide Web. Painstakingly, there are few who cannot recover their loses even finding alternatives to regain their website’s visibility in Search Engines. Not only websites have been greatly affected, but business owners and SEO professionals as well.

Before the year ends, I want to share my experiences by rewinding my biggest and unforgettable encounters in the field of SEO. Thanks to blogging for I was able to document and share the notable changes in the industry for the entire year. More importantly, it made me realize the value of my experiences to my endeavors in the Search Engine Optimization Industry.

What Are My Biggest and Unforgettable Moments in 2012?

Experienced Panda Update

I have started the year blogging about PROTECT IP / SOPA which is one of the issues that created a loud noise not only in the SEO industry, but with the entire cyberspace. With the search titan Google and the world’s largest user-contributed encyclopedia Wikipedia declaring their protest, that was truly a news every Internet user should be concerned about.

However, the news was overpowered when Google made a bold step eliminating low quality content. The introduction of the Google Panda struck websites like lightning when they became obliged to provide content that will totally benefit users.

Quality Content Reigns in SEO

The Panda update made a drastic change in the way I do SEO. It inspired me to think of my readers first in creating articles. Quality have been raised for content writing, and gone were the days of creating content for the sake of leaving links.

Videos can Be Powerful if Indexed Easily

Through the help of, we can make videos having a mark-up to be indexed easily, but also we need to consider that it has some restrictions.

Having Exceptional Content Means Exceptional Links

When you truly value your content and make it evergreen ones, many users or searchers will become attracted, and at the same time will give credit to your links.

Updated with the Search Quality Highlights of Google

Gained some information about the changes made by Google in coming up with the biggest algorithm Improvement.

Learned about the Real Score of Duplicate Content

Creating a duplicate content will just make you feel slapped by Google at the end of the day through the strict guidelines brought by the Panda update. What if you create quality content and somebody just snatched it from you? Don’t be afraid, there are ways to protect your content from thieves.

Boost Creativity with Infographics

Together with my SEO team, we have adopted creating Infographics as a part of our search engine optimization strategies.

Experienced Penguin Updates

As Google aim for a cleaner web environment, Penguin came with in a ‘mild’ introduction as it combat web spam. I personally experienced talking to site owners whose websites were hit by Penguin. It was a tough and frustrating experience at first. However, we have to adapt for the common good.

The Rise of Negative SEO

The rise of Google Penguin came with advantages to the users, and problems to webmasters. Not in the sense that web masters got their pages hit by the infamous spam fighter, but because Negative SEO were also practiced by unethical workers. Since website with low quality links can be penalized, these negative SEOers does not play fair. If you happen to be their competitor’s website, they will practice black hat SEO to your site to lead it to being penalized. Beware of them!

Giving Value to Images through Optimization

You can make images easily be found in SERPs as long as you follow proper alt-tagging, and giving title and description to images.

Unnatural Link Warnings Were Sent Out

In relation to the Penguin update, Google alerted website owners by sending link warning messages. Google sent messages informing website owners that they have detected unnatural links.

Recovery Plan for Panda and Penguin Update was made

If you have been affected by the update, panic is never the solution. There are ways to survive it. It was a challenge I personally experienced with ALSEOBlog. An experience to teach me lots of lessons as well as in setting the right priorities.

Seen Opportunities with Social Media Marketing

SEO can be powerful if partnered with social media marketing, plus it can help you reach out the untapped markets.

Awareness with Local Search Results

With the statistics implying the essence of local listing, it is essential that you have your business found in Google local search. The “Venice” update of Google shown that the Search Engine was seeing opportunity with local search results.

Seen Opportunities with Quality Guest Post

To strengthen content building, guest blogging or posting can help a lot in reaching out potential targets plus being acknowledging as an author.

Experienced Technical Problems with Websites

This year, I also shared my experience about Googlebots can’t access websites. That was a problem that is needed to be addressed. A reason why I looked for solutions and share it in here through a blog post.

Learning About Ranking Documents
It’s actually a patent made by Google targeting spammers that surprised lots of website owners with its effect.

Email Marketing Functional Existence

Email Marketing can be valuable as long as you know how to ethically use it.

Google Updated Its Webmaster Guidelines

Google added its webmaster guidelines with examples. Something that webmasters should not neglect eying with.

Personal Encounter with Negative SEO

Although at first I did not believe the reality of Negative SEO, through site audit I saw evidences and found out that there are bad actors against my site. These people doing Negative SEO are threat to the credibility of websites, and webmasters really have to watch out for their links.

Awareness about Hacking

I created a post based on my experience in my WordPress site getting hacked. I shared some ways to know and prevent your site from hackers.

Seeing the Value of On-Site Optimization

When you are using your website for your online marketing campaign, it is essential that you prioritize its on-site elements, and give your best to create a quality user experience. Additionally it is essential to consider site speed and bounce rate.

Launching of Google Disavow Tool

This post gives hope and solution to those affected by the updates or have experienced penalty by Google. At first lots, of impressions and opinions can be heard from various website owners, but in the end Matt Cutts cleared it all.

Significance of Paid Search Advertising

For instant and continuous visibility, PPC can help. It can also be helpful if you have been affected by the Penguin updates.

Bing Announce its Webmaster Guidelines

To guide webmasters and improve their visibility, Bing published its webmaster guidelines.

Come-up with 3-in-One Online Marketing Solution

With the lesson learned from the series of updates provided by Google, I and my team we have seen the value of having the right mix of strategies.

Learning Best SEO Practices With Blogging

Blogging taught me lots of learnings especially in SEO, most importantly it made me open to opportunities and realize what a website truly needs.

Another year has to come, and again it is expected to bring another set of changes in the web. Changes that people who strives to succeed should never be tired to face. These changes are challenges…problems that finds solutions. These changes are the very reason why we adapt and embrace ways to work hard for the better despite the cost that it takes us. This year has been filled with learnings, and we owe it to our clients who believed in us.

Happy Holidays and have a Fruitful New Year To All!

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