Good or Bad Day? SERPs Weather Report Tools Tell It

serps weather report tools

It was quite intriguing to know that on December 13, 2012, Mozcast reported that the weather is about 102 degrees which is really a big change, but however, according to Google, there was no update happening at that time. Such statement was even supported by Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Roundtable post by noting that no Panda update was released through asking straight from Google. Even that was the statement of Google but still from WebMasterWorld you can see Webmasters experienced changes on the SERPs.

mozcast forecast dec 13

There are actually tools to tuned in to get updated about the latest weather report on SERPs especially in Google or to track the daily changes in Algorithm.

How to know the Algo temperature or the latest weather report on SERPs?

In the outside world of SEO, you can simply listen to the weather forecast on TV or Radio, or read updates in the internet or newspaper, but it is not the case if you are in the web in which you have to use some tools for you to get the relevant data about the latest happening in Search Engine Results Pages, or specifically, the changes in Algorithm or in site rankings. And below are the helpful tools which you can use to acquire the information that you want:

Mozcast – this weather report tool provide you tracks about the latest temperature of Google Algorithm only.

mozcast dec 18
Source: Mozcast

The hotter the temperature means there is a huge change happening on its Algo or there are bigger changes on its SERPs rankings in the past 24 hours. Just take note that according to Mozcast the weather part is just for fun like when seeing a stormy weather it simply denotes that something big happen like, for instance, on December 13, 2012.

Aside from the weather report, you can also use Mozcast to see Top View Metrics

Domain Diversity
SERP Count
EMD (exact-match domains) Influence
PMD(partial-match domains) Influence
Daily Big Ten

SERPmetrics – showing the flux charts which denotes the daily average fluctuations in Google, Bing and Yahoo which is updating every 24 hours. And according to Gbaines of SERPmetrics the higher the flux means more movement, therefore you need to track your keywords.

serpmetrics flux chart

As you can see above, there is a higher flux in Google last December 13.

SERPs Volatility Index – you can see here the volatility index of Google and Bing. This tool can immediately show to you the days having higher index volatility which can make you on track for the daily changes on SERPs helping webmaster to know if there is an update.

SERPs Volatility Index

So if you wanted to know the latest weather report or want to track if there are changes happening, those tools can help you. Although these are just tools but it will give you an idea on how you can make adjustments when you see that there are huge changes happening. It can especially help a Google SEO Expert become aware if there is an update which means that the higher the number those tools will show that means you need to track the ranking status of your keywords.

If you see that there is an improvement on that period that means you are a “winner” and it is a “Good day” but if you have seen that your rankings are decreasing that means “failure”, sadly it’s a “Bad day” you need to reflect on your strategies and spot what made you fail in the visibility challenge.

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