Can the Site’s Speed Affect its Ranking in Google?

site's speed on rankings in google

Loading speed of a site really matters for the users who want to get results or read the contents that they need immediately, and it is not surprising that some searchers shift to other sites when what they have clicked has a very slow response. That is not a worthwhile experience which any user can have, and apparently, it is one reason why Google has previously announced that the site’s speed is one factor on its ranking.

Generally, this change would really affect many sites which speeds are not that good for the users. It may cause the ranking in search results to drop; thus, indeed, webmasters should not just focus now on creating quality contents, but also on the page speed for the users to notice and read it. Nevertheless, to better understand the matter, I have made simple review and analysis of the important things relative to it:

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

Aside from the fact that several studies revealed that fast pages are what the internet users prefer, it was also presented by Google’s Maile Ohye that delays of under a half-second affect business metrics. It was likewise demonstrated that slowing down the search results page by at least 100 milliseconds has notable impact on the number of searches per user, or there is less search engagement. In other words, the site’s speed matters because it mainly affects users’ search experience.

Why was it considered a ranking factor?

Google wants to enhance users’ search experience, it is, thus, logical to put pressure on the site owners to improve their pages’ speed for it affects how searchers perceive the site or the search engine. This is what one can directly infer based on the foregoing update, but there might also be some other factors such as the impact on business which the Google team had considered. And to sum it all up, here are the top four reasons which I think have compelled the team to consider it as a ranking factor:

Slow loading page annoys or does not like by the users

It demeans the identity of Google

Quality content should be coupled with fast loading site

Conversion of leads or business is affected by the page speed

How Page Speed is Being Measured by Google?

Google team stated that the search engine is measure a page or site speed  through these ways:

 In what way a Page is responding to Googlebot

Loading time measured through Google Toolbar

What Tools Can You Use in Measuring Site’s Speed?

site speed analysis tool

In Evaluating or monitoring site speed you can use the following tools as suggested by Google.

Page Speed – a free tool from Google which is use in analyzing website performance, showing its loading speed plus it can give you solutions or recommended actions for the issues experiencing by your site. Specifically designed for website performance optimization.

YSlow – same with Page Speed, this is also a free speed test tool from Yahoo that can help in monitoring website performance and at the same time it can give strategies for enhancement of site’s speed. It suggests recommended actions based on the set of rules.

WebPagetest – Just enter the website URL to check and it can run a free speed test.

You can also use other tools for speed analysis provided by Google:

Google also has performance grader of the site which is through using Google Analytics tool that can present data about the loading speed of a page. But if your really want to have a comprehensive basis on how to make your website speed faster, you can read through this helpful guide: speed articles.

However, when you try to speed up the loading time of your page, always make it as motivation that you are doing it not only for your site’s ranking, but more so, for the users who deserve fast and convenient search experience.Optimize website performance and loading speed to make everybody happy.

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