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Are you waiting for the next Google algorithm update? Hold your breath for a while and inspect your website so that when the refresh hits, you are confident that your website will not be hardly affected. Let’s see how Siteliner can help you through.

Siteliner is a tool used for detecting duplicate contents within one website. As we have been all aware of, Google is preventing copied and plagiarized content to scatter in the World Wide Web. Before, your page gets punished, use Siteliner to know which page has the same contents on another page.

What will Siteliner show?

site summary

Siteliner can generate useful information such as:

• SiteStatus

• Pages found

• Pages checked

• Redirects

• Duplicate content in %

• Internal broken links

• Create XML Sitemap

And many more.

The Siteliner’s summary can tell how well your website is doing in terms of content quality. It can provide reports in tabular form so it can be easily understood.

How to use the tool?

First visit the site, then enter your domain in this box.


Then you will be redirected to the site summary. As a spider like functioning tool, there are some pages it can’t access especially if it has been disallowed for access. However, you would probably wonder about Power Page. Siteliner FAQS described it as the prominence of the page linked to another page within the website.

spiderlike functioning tool

How does the Site beneficial to your SEO campaign?

Siteliner acts like search engine spiders, it understands the following SEO related standards.

siteliner understands SEO standards

Sometimes it is hard to understand how Google crawl, index and determine the quality of a website. Through some tools like Siteliner you will have an overview of how Google will look into your site. It is important in correcting any unusual activity in your site or if it is vulnerable to any algorithm refreshes. You can also check on how far you have been in terms of content management. You can also look for some loopholes and opportunities so that you can cope with Google’s demands for a quality website.

Much more than that, you’ll have a chance to peek on your competitor’s website. You can see their contents and website status. You can get an idea how to be at par with them or even be better than them.

On the other hand, the major drawback of this tool is that it can only check a website once in 30 days. They are still working on having real time updates. Also, it doesn’t check the entire website but only the 500 most prominent pages. Nonetheless, the tools can still give an overview to make you adjust on your onsite optimization especially in creating contents for the web page.

The tool is accessible to anyone as it is set to public. So, you’ll have a chance to test your website and your competitor’s website as well. SEE YOUR CONTENTS THE WAY GOOGLE DOES.

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