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Social Crawlytics

Previous posts have tackled importance of incorporating social media in the mix of online marketing strategies. Backed up by evidence, web owners will agree that aggressive social media optimization can deliver traffic to the website, can create customer engagement, can build reputation, etc., however, how can you measure the help of every social media your campaign has utilized? You can’t just give the credits to Facebook nor Twitter. In this case, Social Crawlytics functions well.

Social Crawlytics count the times your page has been shared online and in what social media platform. The same way Google analytics is working, Crawlytics will identify the viable social media site you can focus your attention at. Through these tools you can determine website performance, competitive advantage and even potential recommendations to create an outstanding internet marketing campaign.

How the Tool Works?

Developed by Yousaf Sekander, Crawlytics is a free tool that will measure your social media performance. First, you must register using your twitter account. Then this page will show you,

enter website details

You will be identifying what URL to crawl. Also, looking at its left side, you can see credits. Credits will determine how many pages can be crawled at a certain domain. You’ll have options as to how many pages you will crawl. Next step, is to schedule when you will be getting reports. It is just optional but if you want to regularly check how well you’ve been doing in your social media campaign, it’s better to schedule it.

Plan your scans

You can schedule reports in weekly or monthly basis. It will allow you to look for loopholes or in what way you were going down or up. Last step, is filling the notification form. To lessen the hassle of downloading an unfinished report, let the system notify you when it is ready to be reviewed. That will make things convenient and comfortable at your end.


What’s Next?

So you’ve done all the steps. What you need to do is wait and when the notification arrives, you’ll get the reports in handy. It will look like this,

Number of Shares

As you can see the reports are detailed and specific. It shows what page has been shared in which social media. It will allow you to make certain decisions to improve your social media optimization,

pages share per network

When you’ve seen that your page is shared many times in Pinterest, why will you focus in your Twitter or Facebook account? In business the wise move is always to capitalize in your strength and develop your weakness.

social media shares

What the Tool Can do for you?

The tool is free but if you think it’s worthy for use, you can opt to donate. It will increase the page you can crawl. The tool is important in SEO and social media optimization because it serves as an evaluator. It will allow you to reflect on how you have strategized in social media and fill in your lapses. Furthermore, the tool will help you analyze competition. As the industry becomes saturated, you must take heed of the competition. You can only do that if you are aware how your competitor works on its own social media.

In as much as you are watching your Google Analytics, you must also be sensitive with your social media campaign. Remember that online competition is not mere SEO, always consider social media as it’s benefits are enormous and significant.

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