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It is hard to keep abreast with updated news, blogs, articles and other web contents, manually. Alerts are designed to simply email you these web contents in a more customized way such as your preferred topic, time, languages and quantity. We used to depend on Google alerts, however, it seemed that the feature is broken and can’t work as efficient as it should be.

Talkwalker offers a great alternative of getting these web contents through our emails. Talkwalker doesn’t use Google as a search engine. It has its own crawling and extraction engine that has been developed for the past 4 years. It can give flexibility in terms of data quality, speed and coverage. Despite not being

Features of Talkwalker

The interface of Talkwalker and Google alerts is so alike. It contains the same features as that of Google Alerts.

talkwalker create alert

Also, same as Google Alerts, Talkwalker created alerts can be edited, RSS can be grabbed, deleted or any other management tasks that you need if you think some changes are made into your queries. And its only difference on Google Alert’s create alert form is that it has a language selection.

manage alerts

How efficient?

Talkwalker provides results as early as possible. After a minute of creating an alert about Penguin Update I have received plenty of blogs or news in my email. However, an example made by someone from Search Engine Land said that Talkwalker can’t work on specific queries such as using syntax site: and file type: .

Talkwalker can be efficient yet in a limited spectrum only. However, not everybody would Also, it is important to key in most relevant keywords to make your queries provide the contents that you need.

The Drawback?

Just like Google alerts, Talkwalker doesn’t give results to queried materials. Another problem experienced was its inability to give all alert topics in the specific time period. For example you send many queries, only one topic will be sent and the results would probably be days old. Also, it can get access through new webpages. Hopefully, this will be developed by Talkwalker team especially that it can replace Google alert. Wherein aside from producing news, blogs, and discussions on its result type may it can also have others result type just like videos, images, books and more .

For now, Talkwalker may not be a perfect alert system to replace Google alert. However, its fast response or sending of alert to one’s email is impressive. It just needs some help and documentation to run efficiently. It is more efficient than manually searching for blogs, websites, news, articles, and other contents you need as fast as possible.

Talkwalker is a new source of alerts especially for those who are looking for news. It may bet on its infantile nature but it can be a lucrative tool for SEO and content authors. I am also confident that it will be a better service in the next weeks or months to come.

For local SEO Marketing this can be a helpful tool in getting updates about your industry through its news, blogs and discussions plus you can get alerts on how your other competitors managing their local SEO campaign.

Have you tried it? Share your experiences below.

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