The Reason behind Over-Optimization Penalty

Over Optimization Penalty

Last month Google have announced that they are going to penalize the over-optimized sites which can greatly affect its search ranking. And what is the reason behind pursuing this over-optimization penalty? When you are going to search about the news for this kind of penalty you will surely find what Matt Cutts is aiming for and that is to give priority to those sites having great content to rank better and which do better search engine optimization. At this time you will surely noticed that this kind of penalty is taking effect since there are differences in terms of search ranking results and we all knew that Matt Cutts have said that it would be implemented this month or the last few weeks.

Richer Content Matters in SEO

Quality is the main aim of Google for why it is imposing this kind of penalty. Matt Cutts have said that SEO for him is like a “coach”, the one that can guide you and venture you in developing better approach to see you even better. And that is having better ways in making your great content to be seen by the world. We all knew that the online world compress the earth which makes it smaller especially the search engine. For example, even you were in Europe and you were researching about Asia just do a search away and you will find billions of results in just a matter of few seconds. Cutts also added that most of this progress in crawling for richer contents was made by search engines. And when someone have questioned him that what if there are those who working hardly to manipulate the search results and not following the rules or doing over-optimization therefore he answered that it is time for to give way to those sites having richer content and much relevant to the search query. This idea is basically to “level” the ground in search results. Although we are also in the world of SEO but basically this one sets a “fair rule” to everyone. Giving way to sites producing awesome content must rule in search results.

If this world is making a fair ground in search engine optimization, although we have many questions about it, if what is considered as overly optimized but still we have to play the game fair and follow its rule. And for us we always believe that sharing of information plays a vital role in human development and that is why in our campaign it is not just about link building, it is also crafting great content that can feed human search for knowledge.

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