Ultimate Guide: Power of Tweets in Your Business

twitter marketing

twitter marketingAs it may already be familiar to the youngsters, twitter is one eminent social media site that serves as a helpful avenue for people to instantly communicate and share their views with the integrated features set in an online platform. Hence, it is a great opportunity for any business company to reach a diverse and large audience for marketing purposes. However, no market agent would be successful in establishing a strong rapport or relationship with his target clients if he does not know the secret on how to touch and hold their interests. Thus, for such reason, the following helpful tips for a successful marketing venture or business promotion in twitter are suggested:

• Be yourself – there is always a great difference between a “pseudo” or fake personality than that of authentic one. The former may have the best appeal at first, but it will not last for the site visitors are not oblivious not to detect the “artificial” comments and other impersonal acts. But, certainly, on the latter, you can establish real relationship with your audience for you are not fake in commenting on their posts or conversing with them. In simple term, when you are yourself, and not in your “alter ego”, your posted item or link would probably have more followers.

• Read twitter’s busines guide 101 (https://business.twitter.com/) – there is no other effective guide than the guide itself. This may appear strange and somehow contradictory, but it is always true especially before commencing your marketing plan in the given site. It will aid you in familiarizing all the features therein that could, consequently, be used as a “virtual zone” where you can practicably reach your target audience. So better to read it now!

• Change twitter’s default avatar into your own photo – this is a support to the preceding item, for how could you be yourself when the photo you are using is just a shadow of your material desire, or simply not yours? By doing this, there would really be a greater possibility that you can easily market your business not to the “aliens” on the internet, but to the real people acting truly on themselves.

• Custom your twitter URL – it may already be apparent that the main reason for this is to avoid difficulty of audience to find your site, or for any hassle that a non-traditional URL could bring in your disadvantage.

• Complete your profile so that poeple will get to know you better – this is another important thing that you should always not forget in creating an account in the site, otherwise, it would be futile to induce no client and exist in the internet without any purpose. Yet, in completing your account, make sure also that all information you have included therein are “truthful”, if not true at all.

• Keywords are important in your profile for you to be found easily – as the explicit statements already suggests, it is essential to have keywords emphasized or stipulated in your post or account so the marketing of business would be more effective since the clients could easily go into your account or comprehend what you really intend to tell them.

• Fun facts are okay as it adds more personality to you – it is really innovative and creative to have some interesting “spice” integrated into your own purpose, and one of which is to post fun facts that could easily catch the attention of the site visitors, and consequently, notice your service or product.

• Follow people, businesses, and other features which are related to your field – by doing so, you can also be certain that other people, especially your clients would follow you as what you do with them. Practicably, this appeals to the psychological need of your clients as you are sincerely giving importance to them. However, you should not forget to follow only those related to what you are promoting, otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of “useless” friends.

• Don’t just tweet for yourself; instead have a mixture of tweets, (RT, @reply, links of other people) – social media sites are not primarily for autocratic-minded people who are psychopathic. In business context, it should always be avoided; hence, the secret of success here is to gain more followers that could patronize your business, and that could be done by serving not only your need, but also theirs.

• Join topic groups related to your business – in discussing with group of individuals, you cannot just know how your clients think, but also could market your product effectively since, in the process of sharing ideas, you have already established reliability or trust with them.

• Find valuable information by scanning other tweets – opinions to personal matters being taken up in the site are okay, however, it is always better to support your contentions with valuable facts so they would also not doubt you when you are already marketing your service or product. Yet, don’t forget that objectivity or factual basis is what the clients always seek in business.

• Find your keywords (search.twitter.com) and follow the users – you may have keywords, but then are they useful to you? If you’re uncertain with your thought, then put this in mind, find your keywords and use them to follow the users so you could identify other potential sites where you can link-in and clients whom you can market your business.

• Sample sites to find tweeple in your group – utilize helpful sites to find tweeple (friends) in your group who are valuable to make as source or subject of your marketing strategy. Example of these sites are:

• http://www.twibes.com/
• http://wefollow.com/

Use simple codes when searching – simple codes are also helpful for the easy retrieval or identification of your site. Two of which are Standard operator or OR operator, and symbol (-) which means that one or other keyword (or both) is present in the phrase. Examples on how to use them are provided as follows:

(1) Example: your website traffic –

● Location operator; “near” operator ; easier to find “tweeple” in that location

(2) Ex: cafe near:florida

● Date Operator; filtering dates for optimal results
Ex: “website traffic” since:2012-01-02

● Attitude; Emotions
Ex: “website traffic” 🙂
“website traffic” 🙁

● Questions
Ex: “website traffic” ?

● From / to ; useful operator so that you won’t miss any tweet for you
Ex: twitter from:alseoblog
twitter to:alseoblog

●Monitoring links; filter links of certain people
Ex: from:alseoblog filter:links

• Talk to people about their interests; it appears you’re human – this is another effective strategy since your clients would know that you’re not a robot, and that you know how to communicate with them. It could also establish good relationship with them, and as a result, they might follow your regular activity.

• Link your presentations and videos – it is not only for the purpose of entertaining them, but also to aid their understanding on the product or service you are promoting, and such could also direct them to the main site of your business.

• Share your photos about your travel, conferences and products (e.g., http://twitpic.com/) – this is another way of generating the idea of reliability in your client’s consciousness. These materials could serve as your proof that you really exist in the real world, and not just in the internet. Apparently, the result of which is an even closer tie or relationship with your customers.

• Join twitter chat (Tweeple discuss specific topic through inserting “hashtag” (#) – when you chat with the tweeple, you could directly converse with them and know their interest on a certain topic, or from their comments you can make a strategy on how to market the business based on their preference. Hence, the following twitter chat tracker tools may be a good strat for you:

▪ http://tweetchat.com/
▪ http://www.roomatic.com/
▪ http://www.tweetdeck.com/
▪ http://monitter.com/
▪ http://www.tweetree.com/
▪ http://tweetgrid.com/
▪ https://twitter.com/#!/search-home
▪ http://hashtags.org/
▪ http://tweetmeme.com/

• Stay connected with the people you meet; you’ll never know what they may lead you – this is like grabbing the chance that strange people might offer you in the process of meeting them. Thus, considering them as your client, though you’re not certain about it, is still favorable in your business for you may not know that they could promote your business with their friends or be your business partner.

• Post questions and answers – this is one strategy to know what’s on the mind of your clients which could serve as your premise on what business strategy is effective to utilize to catch their interest. Yet, this also enhances your relationship with them.

• Focus on building relationships rather than force selling of your products or services – a wise marketer does not compel a customer to patronize his business, but rather he lets the customer decide for a good choice he wishes to have. Here, you should only serve as an aid for his decision making, and never ever be a dictator for you would lose an income instead of gaining a profit.

• Occasionally share what you are doing – this is a simple strategy on updating your friends about the latest events or matters that relate to your interest. It’s a personal matter, but this could have a great impact on them as your friends and clients.

• Enhance your twitter profile – it’s like repainting an olden corner of your room to look good in your senses, and such principle is the same in building relationship with your customers. Enhance your profile to appeal good on their judgment. Here are some sites that could help you in doing such:

▪ http://www.wishafriend.com/twitter/backgrounds/custom/
▪ http://www.mytweetspace.com/
▪ http://www.twitter-images.com/
▪ http://www.twitrbackgrounds.com/
▪ http://twitlay.com/

• Twitter is a good start to improve your writing skill; trim your sentences with 140 characters – your followers may not only be interested about you, but may also be attracted on the matters you are bringing into the light of discussion as embodied in your article. Nevertheless, limit you words to avoid redundancy or boredom for their interest. The following may be of great aid in shortening your words, but not your ideas:

▪ http://tinyurl.com/
▪ http://bitly.com/
▪ http://memurl.com/
▪ http://goo.gl/
▪ http://snipurl.com/

• Link your content wisely; don’t make it over-promotional – the opposite of this is the dangerous pitfall that you should strictly avoid, otherwise, your content would be hanging on air like a disrupted internet connection. Hence, choose the relevant sites where you can link your article.

• Reply to people’s tweet about your product – this is the critical stage which you should not take for granted, otherwise, you will disappoint your client. Here, you can directly serve the need of your customers which could be a reason for them to follow you and patronize your business.

• Accept customers complaints – in business, there are always pros and cons, and both should be treated equally. Thus, when you receive a complaint, consider it as a reward for it is also a sign that your link or post is being followed.

• Get in touch with your competitors – making friends with competitors is always part of business for you are not only establishing relationship, but also knowing the current trends in the market.

• Monitor updates your competitors are making – this is corollary to the preceding item. You should do this so you will not be left behind the competition in the market.

• Link your twitter account to your other social media sites – this is the efficient way in expanding the extent of your market, and thus, you are also marketing your business into other sites which also have many visitors. This is also a strategy in building-up a wider coverage of your business promotion in the internet.

• Link you twitter account to your website – of course, because you have it done to other sites, and then why not have it linked in your own site? This is critically necessary for it is an effective way in directing your clients into your website which can provide more information that a client might be seeking.

• Mention those events you will be attending – who knows, one client might even follow you to the venue of the event you will be attending. But that’s nearly impossible; however, it is still favorable to do such so that you can provide updates to your clients, especially if the event is related to your business.

• Post promos, discounts, special offers about your product – this may be the most important update that you should not forget to post in your account. By doing so, you are promoting not only product or service, but also your company.

• Don’t forget to thank those who followed you or retweeted your tweets – in business, it is always favorable to be friendly and abide with ethical practices. By thanking your followers, you could be certain that they will follow you again the next time you make a post or an update.

• Don’t read all tweets in your timeline – if you do so, you might be wasting your time that is worth to be spent in other important things. However, it would still be good to read and make comments on the tweets which are significantly interesting.

• Organize a local meetup (tweetups) – this could serve as an effective avenue wherein you could directly market your business.

• Create quality tweets, not quantity – the “weight” of words and not their numbers is what matters most with the tweeple, and thus, making an intellectually arousing post is gravely necessary to induce clients to follow you.

• Remember that every time in twitter is primetime – no second is really wasted when you are doing business in twitter; all your acts therein are part of the marketing strategy to increase the sales of your business, and widen your market.

• Start your tweet in the morning positively – why is that so? It is simply for a good reason that majority of tweeple are visiting the sites on the said time. In short, it is the “pick time” which you should not miss, otherwise, you will loss the chance of marketing your business on the right time.

• Ask for and give referrals – this is much helpful especially in establishing good relationship with your clients or competitors. The principle is: when you give, you will also be given.

• Tweet where your attention is, not what are you doing – this is an effective way to avoid negative comments especially to an unimportant message. Thus, always bear in mind, that what you do is different from the interest of other people, but what interest you may also be the interest of tweeple.

• Organize your contacts in groups; use third party sites – proper organization of your contact groups is also part of business that should not be compromised with any other responsibilities. In doing so, you can optimize your market possibilities in greater “heights”. Some of the third party sites which you could use for such purpose are,

• http://www.tweetdeck.com/
• http://www.grouptweet.com/
• http://www.tweetworks.com/
• https://seesmic.com/

• Tweet information you think that may be useful for your product promotion – never limit essential information which you think could serve the need of your business; information about current trends related to your business is certainly helpful in marketing or promotion process.

• Share your staffs’ stories outside of work – the real stories of real people may be of great interest for tweeple, and so is to your own followers. Thus, if possible, share the exciting, strange, or challenging stories of your friends or subordinates.

• Organize a contest using twitter – this could be one form of motivation in which your followers would always look forward to. Nevertheless, create a competition which is directly related to your business, and that the reward offered therefor would always make your clients remember your site or the products and services your are promoting.

Undoubtedly, social media sites like twitter could be a great advantage and a potent instrument to any kind of business, more specifically, in establishing invaluable relationship with the clients and in maximizing the range of the market. Thus, if you want to succeed in your business, never dare to underestimate the power of your tweets!

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