Capture the World’s Panoramic View with Twitter’s Photo Filter

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Images formed in a photograph speak a thousand words for a viewer whose appreciation to the beauty of art is beyond what the senses could describe, but the message that a photo reflects, however, may not directly be perceived if the quality of image is blur or not clear even for people who have no presbyopia or other eye problems. This can affect not only the value of what has been taken, but likewise demean the identity of the photographer or the sharer in the social media sites such as Twitter in which photo sharing is a prevalent habit.

But fortunately, save all that you have captured, clear or blur, because the new photo filter which was just recently made in use by Twitter can make a photograph a reflection of image in your imagination. Thus, if you are fond of editing figures or pictures before sharing it to your followers or other Tweeple, then this innovation is really a big blessing for you. It’s an instant process; with your Android or iPhone, you need no other things than to show the world how creative you can be.

And for you to familiarize the excellent features of Twitter’s photo editor, here’s the brief description of some tools that you can use:

Filters – this new feature allows you to apply one of the eight filters which range from black and white to vintage. Thus, you can create an ambiance to the photo that you have taken according to what you want your friends to see.

Take Panoramic View – have a view like that of birds by selecting the type of angle which you want your image to have. In just a swipe, you can already see something new out of what you have taken.

Frames – capture the action or emphasize something by framing the image you have selected. In the process, you can also make use of Crop and pinch to zoom so as to focus attention.

Automatic Photo Enhancement – if you want to balance the light and colors, you can simply use the tapping the wand.

Watch here on how to use Photo Filters on Twitter:

It’s really quite easy to manipulate, and in just a second or two, you can already have the ideal image which you have long been dreaming to share with your friends. And the benefits that you can likewise have from using such may help achieve your business goal; it can expand your tweets, you can directly preview and search photos, and swipe the images while having good times in the site.

Yet, with millions of people who are using Twitter, you can also use the photo for marketing purposes such as, for instance, posting the best angle of your new product; otherwise, if you want to be a star in the social networking site, you can also have a photo of yourself portraying different expressions in different spots.

That is somewhat interesting to discover and try, isn’t it? It makes your tweet more meaningful as you need no vague descriptions about the sceneries that you have seen; all you just have to do is to filter the image, swipe, and share it! But nevertheless, don’t ever forget the basic essence of art in human life which is to depict the real beauty which not only the senses could see or perceive.

Have you tried it?

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