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Previously Twitter introduced new apps for its empowerment and innovates for richer context and content that can help SEO. It was created to support valuable user experience or creating a unique experience for the “twitters”. So, what is the latest about this social media?

Recently, on their February 6 edition of engineering blog, Twitter gives us the idea about Search Ranker. Since a search result does not only involves tweets using 140 characters but there are also images, news stories, videos and accounts.

search results types
Using “SEO” as keyword for searching.

And Twitter shares on their blog post on how it able to rank its search results. It discusses on how they solve the issue of showing relevant results.

How Ranking works with Twitter Search Results?

As explained by Youngin Shin from their Search Quality Team, every time a searcher finds for something in Twitter, different types of content are actually being search separately and each content has an assign score or having a “type-specific” score. And when the results of various content types are being prepared, it’s now time for the conversion of type-specific score into “uniscore” or a universally compatible score. Different modules “uniscore” are being used as means to mix the content types or blended results.

And below is the diagram from Twitter explaining about their Search Ranker.

search ranker

On its blog they also share how they select and boost content. Twitter aims to present relevant results only and that is why if the content have an unusual spike or they called it as “burst” they prefer to boost this content and show it having a higher rank.

Below is a graph also from Twitter, wherein even though there are various types of content but they prefer having the higher level of “burstiness” where in this computation is originally from the study of Jon Kleinberg on Bursty and Hierarchical Structure in Streams.

level of burstiness

Insights about Twitter’s Search Ranker to Boost Your SEO Mix

We all know that search engine optimization is not enough to tapped for prospects it is also essential that you are getting seen on social media networks like Twitter, it’s a great help boosting your brand.

Content having an unusual spike or burst are more preferred than others or influential content matters. It only means that having more shares, more retweets, favorites, replies and being talked about or mention in Twitter are boosts than content with no reaction. So it only means that you have to share not just informative one but something interesting and can lead for influence.

Users having more followers and mention are also more preferred to rank higher in search results. Being a credible source is of course much more trusted and can rank higher. So it is also essential that you must spread out your Twitter profile and let them know about you.

Using relevant keywords are also essential. Just like search engines they can find sites through the use of key terms and same with Twitter in order to be found out easily you must use relevant terms or at same time use of hash tag (#) is also helpful for visibility.

Being active in Twitter helps. It can simply boost your presence in Twitter and at the same time having more activity means that you have chances of getting seen and remember time matters, the most recent ones are also preferred.

Joining trending topics can also help your visibility. This also essential in getting found provided that the one that you are joining or sharing is something relevant to your accounts, since as we all know relevance truly matters even with Twitter.

As we all know showing relevant search result is the main aim of Twitter just like with search engines and that is why it is truly essential that you must always remember that relevance matters in visibility not only in organic SEO but also through boosting your brand on your Twitter campaign.

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