Universal Analytics: Expansion of Google Analytics

universal analytics

Google launched its public beta of Universal Analytics. It aims to measure website performances even in other devices such as iPhones, Android, SmartPhones, Tablet, and other internet enabled devices. The analytics is believed to be more accurate because it will cover multiple channels where consumers usually access internet to search for information, to social media and to interact with fellow users.

How it Changes from Google Analytics:

◦ New tracking method

As there can be changes in the tracking method, it is believed that cookies to be used as 80% lighter than the previous Google Analytics. UA will use JavaScript library called analytics.js. It will ensure privacy and security. But it will reduce 15% of internet bandwidth.

◦ Multiple channel tracking

Consumers nowadays are not specific to which device they like to use in terms of accessing the internet. Integrating data from different traffic sources is critical in having a syndicated report to properly evaluate the website’s performance in different platforms. This is because some devices can elicit immediate response when they are using such device. One example is mobile use. When a shopper is using mobile, there is a higher possibility that he or she will do follow up actions such as purchases or going to the store. With your universal analytics, you can capitalize more on your mobile strategy.

From Google’s Blog , here are some of the listed benefits of UA:

benefits of universal analytics


How to migrate from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics?

1. It is similar to switching from GA to Core metrics and other service platforms.

2. A new tracking code will be added. In Universal analytics, codes will be shortened that will a fast site load time for many websites.

universal tracking code

3. The website must be re-tagged that can be done through Google Tag manager.

tag manager

Note: Follow a step by step process through Analytics help.

After doing so you can now do the following:

• Configuration

• Page, Event, and E-commerce Tracking

• Social Interaction

• User Timings

• Custom Dimensions & Metrics

How important it is to your business?

It is essential to look after the whole picture of your market. Every corner of your sources (traffic and organic rankings) is an opportunity to tap. Trends are shifting from time to time; Google’s also doing its best to tailor their services to give businesses a chance to cope with the demands of this trend. Universal analytics is a way to show how your websites is perform in no boundaries and limits. It may take some time before everybody can adapt but for SEO expert, it is a new way of showing competence and succeed even in other devices used by the target market.

I hope that it will truly help us in discovering more opportunities. As we all know SEO is beyond ranking on search engines, we must also have some data that can be helpful in analyzing our target market. It is essential that we can seen the effect of our campaign and Universal Analytics can be a way in measuring our effectiveness in online marketing.

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