Unnatural Inbound Links: Google Sent Another Warning

unnatural inbound links

We have read previously that Google sent out link warning messages which make the Linkbuilding world to goes round . Then, another news that come out that about 700,000 link warning messages was sent out , wherein the message state this way:

Previous Link Warning

And lately, this was the message that was sent out: “Unnatural Inbound Links”

newest link warning

As you can see Google sent two notification messages, it may be different in many ways but the fact that Google sent it, your website is vulnerable to some changes. Understanding the difference will allow you to take further actions that will meet Google’s expectations. As a SEO specialist these messages are truly significant for a SEO campaign, it must not be taken for granted.

The Differences:

• Title – As you can see, the title of the newest warning is truly different from the first warning, wherein the first one is emphasizing the notice that Google webmaster tools detected unnatural links, while the second one was stating the term “unnatural inbound links”. When links are classified as inbound, that would mean you may not have full control over the link.

• Body – On their first sentence the previous message started by saying that Google detected that some of site’s pages are using unethical techniques that are outside of the Google webmaster Guidelines while the newest started the message by that they have detected that some of the links pointing to your site are using techniques that are outside of Webmaster Guidelines. On the second message it is somewhat clearly saying that you have some unnatural links pointing to your site but on the first message it can be interpreted that some of your website pages or inner pages have been detected to violate the webmaster guidelines.

Next, the first warning message is stating that you need to look or find for artificial or unnatural links that are pointing to your site that can manipulate PageRank wherein it gave examples like buying links to pass PR and link scheme participation while on the second one, Google wanted to emphasize that they don’t want to put any trust in links that are unnatural or artificial and both messages are stressing out that those kind of links must be removed or simply on the first message it emphasize that you need to make changes to your site in order that it can meet the quality guidelines.

Then, they both suggesting to submit the site for reconsideration provided that based on the first message you must make some changes plus take note the other actions you have done for those links that are outside of your control while on the second message Google emphasizes that there are some links that are outside of a webmaster control therefore it is stating only that they are taking very targeted action to reduce trust in unnatural or artificial links, but this is not clear if what kind of targeted action they are going to make, then if you are able to remove, that’s the time you can submit for reconsideration plus the note on what kind of action you take. The targeted action term simply implies that Google might have seen some links that looks like unnatural but does not mean that can ruin a SEO campaign or lead a website to penalty.

What’s the newest warning message might imply?

Seems to be telling us that a website receiving this message does not mean that it is penalized but it is informing us that they are seem to remove the ranking power from some of your links that are unnatural. Since it is warning sign from Google, you will have the power to look back at your backlinks.

If you received an Unnatural inbound links, what to do?

Get Your Data Through Google Webmaster Tool, Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO

◦ Get the inventory of your backlinks. Check your domain, link types, domain authority and every information that will help you determine what violations you may have unintentionally done.

• Analyze your Data

◦ Don’t remove all links. You may remove natural ones. Check on mischievous links. Always consider the quality, relevance and the intrinsic attributes (PR, Domain Authority, Link Type, etc.) of the website where you linked at.

• Find those unnatural links and remove what you need to remove

You have to still recheck the backlinks or links pointing to your site or those tactics that are outside the webmaster guidelines like using irrelevant sites to connect with your website. When you think you can’t identify natural to unnatural ones always get back to the guidelines Google has made .

• Request for reconsideration

• Google always give second chances, so when you are done with removing unnatural inbound links, get back to Google.

You don’t have to panic if you receive this kind of message; all you need to do is to re-check the website’s backlinks and be sure that you are not using link schemes method just like site-wide links, and footer links.

To reiterate, the notification is a warning. The severity might not be high as it is looking only to the links of the website but not entirely to the status of the website. However, as any actions taken by Google, ignoring this message can mean a different thing. This may not be for panic but this is not to be ignored.

What to watch out for this week?

At the SMX West Conference 2013, Matt Cutts announce that you have to watch out for the coming back of Panda Update this week probably this Friday (March 13, 2013) or next week on March 18. Matt also revealed that they are working for the coming back and the significant change of Penguin.

Google is again moving its hands to further evaluate SERP. The conference mentioned above can significantly affect how SEO will shift again but most probably it will be for the better.

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