Negative SEO – Unnatural Link to your website. What to do?

negative seo

unnatural link not mineAfter the webmaster guidelines update it becomes clearer and I become more conscious in terms of the quality of links I am getting. I constantly monitor and re-check my backlinks. Although currently there is nothing to worry about the rankings of my keywords and its traffic but of course as a website owner you have the responsibility of checking the quality of your backlinks. You will not expect in the end you will suffer the effect of Negative SEO or having unnatural links which is actually a hot topic since June, remember Matt Cutts talking about Negative SEO and disavowing links. I thought that with the strengthening of the Google updates to clean the SERPs, this kind of technique will be lessen or will stop.

But what I have found out?

Everyday I am doing some searches for new tools that can be helpful in my site inspection and I tried it out immediately. Using jetrank link manager tool I become a detective for my site. I have checked all the links that the tool presented and carefully look at its quality values but the worst thing I have found out is that there is a link that I am not the author and the saddest thing is that when you are familiar with the webmaster guidelines it is one thing that is considered unnatural link and it is under link scheming. And this one is about inserting links on articles with little coherence or unrelated at all.

See it below what I am talking about.

inserted link posted on 08-23-2012

It is really a BIG surprise on my part. Actually the first question that came out is that why my SEO consultant link on a weight loss diet article? There is no relation and this is a clear example of link insertion on articles with no coherence at all. And also another worst thing is that it is also a spun content and when I check it with copyscape it is a duplicate one. About 32% same content with 3 sites and I have notice that when I review the other sites this it is actually like a blog network having spun content and have inserted similar links and unluckily my link is included in one of their site. Another thing I have notice is that there are no about pages or contact info.

And that post is truly the common example of low-quality content. And through using jetrank you will see also that the value of this link. It has lower domain authority, page authority and a page rank of 1.

Using Jet Rank

What’s more?

When I checked the Google Webmaster tool and download my latest links I found it. So it is still a big question in mind, why a low-quality site was indexed and included on my links?

From Google Webmaster Tool

What’s the best move for this?

Although it is a big WHY and you cannot avoid those kinds of techniques behind your website but there are some ways to let you become more aware about this.

Awareness on the Sources of your links

Monitor your links. The best thing that you can do is that you must always monitor your links, use tools for monitoring like the following below:

• Google webmaster tools
• Jet Rank
• Opensiteexplorer
• Majestic SEO
• Using Google Alerts
and many more just do a Google search

Monitor your keyword rankings. You can use tools for checking rankings or you can search it manually and have a tracker of your keyword rankings. When you notice that there is a sudden drop on your rankings be sure to double check for it and know what the cause is.

Take Note Suspicious or Spammy Links

Note down the contact information if available and connect with them ASAP. If your link is inserted in a blog post and if you will see that there is someone to contact to you can send them email or request for removal. You can also search for contact information using the whois feature of the seoquake or through its domain hosting.

What if there is no information available?

Take note of the link for future reference. If Google question you in the future of having unnatural link you can add this as reference and inform them honestly that it is not yours. And for me this is the best way to do since you have no idea on who can remove this kind of link.

Always WATCH OUT for your links and run your website for QUALITY.

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