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video marketing

As today is the moment of multimedia tools, people have greatly developed an interests to the product of multimedia. Videos influence both existing and potential customers to be get hooked. More people tend to prefer watching videos than reading descriptions about your product. Google and other search engines have indexed and included video links as a result for searches. Because of your videos, you will get to be more visible in search engines it means you will get to have more traffic, more potential customers, and more sales.
Video Marketing

Reasons why video marketing is important …

1. People love to watch videos

According to Pew Research Center, 71% of real people are watching videos when they are online.

Video is an alternative way to know more about a business or a product without taking much patience and effort on reading dragging brand description. Video can speak and make people understand more than letters that make up the paragraph would do.

2. Videos Are Result-Oriented

Creating and uploading business videos will not directly give you money and profit but what it does to lead into this path is that video marketing is a technique that promotes customers’ commitment, website traffic and product promotion. Information and description will be delivered to the customers more efficiently than providing them paragraphs to read.

Growing Number of Searches for “How to” videos

Through Videos you can easily assists people in specific questions. You can tell them how to select certain products carefully and add additional data which will you think may be helpful for them to choose your brand.

3. Videos Bring Life

Instead of having a hard time composing an article describing, promoting your product, searching for the correct terminologies to post it into blog sites, video marketing is an alternative lively way to do it. It will be entertaining for you and for your customers that anybody will watch besides the most in TV series.

4. Videos Create An In-Store Shopping Experience

Watching videos about your product is exposing viewers into the world of virtual reality. It gives them an insight on how a specific product looks like, how to use it, how big it is in reality.

Pictures may be a way to describe and show products but video offers more interesting way to discover a new product. It promises to give watchers a 3D experience on discovering a product than letting them scan pictures manually or read text that describes your product. It is easier to imagine how a specific product look like or how it works if you are going to have it in a video presentation.

5. Video Marketing means quality backlinks

“YouTube is owned by Google, so all of its videos are indexed.” – Grant Crowell. Videos particularly uploaded in YouTube have more potential of showing up into search engines results because these are being indexed.

Where to share:

• Amazon (
• Animoto (
• Anyclip (
• BigOven ( (food/recipes)
• BirdCinema ( (video sharing site dedicated for birds)
• Blip (
• Bofunk (
• Break (
• Buzznet (
• ClipShack (
• ClipMoon (
• CollegeHumor (
• Current (
• DailyMotion (
• DropShots (
• eBaumsworld (
• eSnipes (
• Flixya (
• Bukisa ( (how to/tutorials)
• CastFire (
• Clicker (
• Coldhardflash ( (flash animations)
• Clipsyndicate (
• Crackle (
• FacebookVideo (
• EyeSpot (
• Famster (
• Flixtime (
• Hipcast (
• Instructables ( (how to/tutorials)
• Kidstube ( (kids’ video)
• Kidsbop ( (kids’ video)
• MagixOnline (
• Magnify (
• Mocospace (
• Monkeysee ( (how to/tutorial from experts)
• MySpace (
• Nelsok (
• Nick (
• Oddcast (
• Phanfare (
• Photobucket (
• Shortform (
• Viddler (
• Vimeo (
• Webweb (
• WonderHowTo ( (how to/tutorials)
• YahooVideos (
• YourTechTV (
• YouTube (

Keys For Dominating Videos (YouTube)

1. Make it short.

15-30 seconds is an ideal length. People would likely to watch short videos and finish watching them fast.

2. Don’t Promote Right Away

You can create a video that is far beyond endorsing your product at first parts but connects the story in your endorsement when the video is finish. People will likely to share it if it is amazing.

by Sony Bravia

3. Edit Your Videos

If you want people to view your video, make sure it is worth viewing. Although many people are uploading videos straight from their mobile phones or cameras, quality videos are still of edge.

Several video editing softwares are readily available to help you improve your video marketing.

1. Windows Movie Maker (
2. VirtualDub (
3. Wax (
4. Blender (
5. Avidemux (
6. MovieStorm (
7. Movica (
8. AVIedit (
9. StoryBoard Pro Software (
10. AVI Trimmer (
11. Zwei-Stien Video Editor (
12. DVD Knife (
13. DVDVideoSoft Free (
14. DVD Knife (
15. More available editing software (

4. Edit the Audio

Except for the physical appearance of the video itself, accompanying audio is also of great factor. Audio editing doesn’t just mean enhancing the quality of sounds but as well as to modify the timeline and duration, create effects, mixing multiple tracks and converting one audio file format to another.

Here is a list for downloadable audio editor tool:

1. Audacity (
2. Power Sound Editor (
3. Mp3DirectCut (
4. Music Editor Free (
5. Wavosaur (
6. Traverso DAW (
7. Ardour (
8. Rosegarden (
9. (Hydrogen)
10. WavePad (
11. Expstudio (
12. DJ Audio Editor (
13. Eisenkraut (
14. Kangasound (
15. Audiobook Cutter (

5.Pay attention to your keywords

YouTube’s Keywords tool ( Carefully research what keywords you are targeting for optimization.

Youtube Keyword Tool

6. Link your website in your video description

It is a tactic to promote your website. Be sure to start your link with “http://” and as much as possible, place it on the first sentence of your description because after 27 characters, the rest of the description is hidden unless you have to click “show more”.

7. Insert Keywords in your video description

Integrating your carefully researched keywords in the description is another way of taking the opportunity for your video to be optimized better.

8. Title

Integrating your keywords into your video title will be better. Like blogs and article, it is something that is magnetic that people will not be able to stop themselves from clicking it. Example phrases that most viewed video titles includes “exclusive” and “behind the scenes”.

9. Thumbnail

Choosing the proper thumbnail will also be a great factor. It is exactly the middle part of the video. So as you edit your video, make sure that the middle part is interesting just like the title that people will click them out of curiosity.

10. Share and promote your videos

Facebook is one of the strongest social media sites that allow you to share YouTube videos directly. Unlike Twitter that a third party site is needed, Facebook directly embeds video and you can post it direct.

Myspace is also a social media site that allows you to embed videos to your posts and comments.

Forums. Another way to promote your videos. You can join forums of related field and share your videos on it.

11. Post Videos Regularly

Like doing updates on your website and blogposts, uploading videos often will matter.

12. Comment on popular video responding on other videos will also be a reason of making your videos viral. After quick comment, your video will then show up underneath the video you have responded with. It will give your greater chances of being viewed by visitors.

Unleash Youtube Ranking Factors with  Jeff McRitchie from, this is an awesome resource that gives you an idea on what needs to be consider when optimizing videos on youtube.

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