Vine App for Twitter Empowerment

Vine App for Twitter Video

Twitter’s innovation proved that it’s worthy to be on it. It’s a place of getting connected where you can share happiness and memories. It’s innovations in the platform made it user-friendly giving users the satisfaction of tweeting an event, a place or a person. Previous post about embedded tweets is a jump towards making a website credible and reliable. For today’s post we will learn about Vine, an application that will allow you to take videos of moments and share it on Twitter in the easiest way possible. Yes, it’s Vine App for twitter Empowerment.

Twitter has always been a multimedia social networking site. It doesn’t show purely textual content but it incorporated images, graphics, and videos. It may not be limited to it but because of applications tap by Twitter, it added value on “tweeting”. For images or photos, Instagram were used. But for Videos, we’ll have Vine. It is a free mobile service that will allow you to capture and share short looping videos wherein in less than 6 seconds you can show your creativity. Similarly, it’s Instagram for video.

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How Vine Works for Twitter and Its Users?

Vine and Twitter go along with the goal of imparting one’s life to someone else. It will make people become closer and will eliminate constraints that will push camaraderie and inspire creativity. Vine believes that posts and videos are windows to what else you can discover in the world. You can use Vine without Twitter but it will make signing up easy if you have an account. Besides videos will still be posted in twitter.

Vine is available in iPhone and iPod touch. You can download it for free via app stores. It is very easy to use. Just find your object to capture, hold the screen for about 6 seconds, release and share it via Vine or Twitter. Browsing for captured videos can be hard in Vine but if you would like to search for other videos you can browse over Twitter.

Adding Vine in Twitter will create favorable user experience. As we are doing, we would like to post our images (as in Instagram) and videos (as in Vine) with a little caption, briefly describing the contents. In essence, it will make sharing more comfortable and meaningful than tweeting purely textual format contents.

Is Twitter Up For Revenue?

Adding Vine on the network is not aiming for revenue. It is just an opportunity for users to push cool stuffs in the network. Creating self-made videos can be more satisfying than sharing filtered ones. However, adding any user generated content (UGC) in the network might be valuable in terms of advertising. Social networks with relatively high UGCs have engaged and attentive audience. Thus, it will add value to the said social network. With Instagram and Vine, the probability of people clinging to Twitter is high.

Want some examples?

Log in in your Twitter accounts and using the search box use this keyword:   to search for tweets having a six-second video. Promise you will see lots of examples. Happy viewing!

Twitter’s empowerment and innovation made it popular for users. Billions of tweets are received everyday. It may come from world leaders, athletes, stars, performers and other well-known individuals. Twitter made the people close to each other by being a true social sharing network.

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