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SEO campaigns and strategies are spread across borders. Each of these strategies is tagged as essential for success. Also, we are bombarded by proof to realize how essential SEO is in competing with other businesses. We know where to focus our SEO campaign at. When almost everybody tries to develop right mix of online marketing strategies only a few put emphasis on checking the website’s technical attributes and structure.

Checking the website should not be neglected as it will direct all the strategies you have in mind. No matter how extensive it is, when the website itself is a failure, things will fall like a domino effect wherein all efforts will be wasted. So check first before you proceed.

How W3C link checker Works?

W3C link checker is a highly recommended link checker. It checks the website and its component such as hypertext links for both HTML and XHTML format; if it is working properly. It is important that a website contains high technical quality. W3C link checker will generate the following reports:

CSS style sheet and extracts a list of anchors and links
It checks that no anchor is defined twice.
All the links are dereferenceable
Warns about HTTP redirects

You can check your URL at http://validator.w3.org/checklink and you will have to check through this form.


When it is in summary mode, it may take time for loading process. When the checking is done, it will show you “List of broken links and redirects” if broken links were found. You have to go through the pages, fix the broken link or if unresolvable it would be better to delete it. However, the link checker considers robots exclusion rules. When the robots.txt files of the website disallow link checks, there will be no single information from the website that will be seen.

Threat of Unchecked Websites in SEO

As we all know SEO works to create organic links to be crawled by Google Spiders or any other search engine algorithm. The links are counted to make the website seen in the first page of SERP. If the website contains broken links, it will not be crawled by the spider. Two things are at risk (1) you’ll lose your chance in getting good ranks and (2) your reputation might be damaged because visitors of your website will be seeing broken links.

With W3C link checker you can easily check the URL of your website and pages where you will be getting your backlinks at. It is important in SEO to have a good backlinking profile not just in quality websites but also in terms of relevance of credibility.

W3C link checker is helpful in maintaining a quality website in terms of technical qualities. These qualities are important to search engine spiders and thus should be important to you. Checking your website will allow you to be careful in dealing with backlinks in your website or vice versa. You must be vigilant about every structure of your SEO campaign.

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