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Utilizing the use of internet for both personal and business level will not be easier without important tools. Search engine optimization requires the use of these tools to inspect and fix issues and measure and evaluate effectiveness of the campaign. Through add-ons or tools in the browsers whether it is chrome or Firefox, it will show website status (competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink and page rank checks), and tools (last pass, mozbar, and SEO Form) that will make you track effectiveness of your SEO Campaign.

However, advancements in technology never stops for what we had, it continues to innovate to create fruitful websites and valuable information. Perhaps, that is the purpose of Web Developer extension version 0.4. It will allow improved features, fewer bugs and more frequent releases going forward.

Web Developer Extension Features

There are many changes in Version 0.4 but it is highlighted in the following:

web developer 4.0 changes

The features of the Web Developer Extension will allow a website visitor to further investigate the website he/she is visiting.

web developer in firefox
Web Developer Extension Features

What it can do for you?

Tools always served its purpose. Web developers tool will help SEO experts in many meaningful ways:

A. See What The Robot Sees

In SEO it is essential to know how your website appears in the eyes of the search engine Robots. The website web developer tool will allow you to browse websites like a robot. You have just have turn off your Javascript and cookies. It will allow you to see site structure.

B. Look for Spiders Crawl Areas

With the toolbar you can turn off styles and images to see what the spiders see when it get on to your page. Also you can disable all Meta directs so you can cloak items. It will make you recognized how the website is seen when it is viewed in different devices/users.

C. Grasp the Site’s Outline

If you want to clearly see how contents are arrange din your website. You can go to Information and press View Document Outline. It will allow you to see the hierarchy of topics or if there are any missing content in your site.

D. Validate Websites Source Codes

The toolbar will allow you to see code validation tools such as HTML, CSS and RSS and can highlight no title attributes links or missing alt for images.

E. Essential for Conversion Rate Optimization

The tool bar is a way to validate your websites condition in terms of being viewable and readable. It also features content structure. When users got poor website experience because you haven’t inspected it, it may mean loss of potential prospect.

SEO trends shifted from simple backlinks creation to both on site and off site optimization. SEO put values on how your website is viewed by the user, by search engine robots and the website structure itself. The website developer tool will allow you to scrutinize your website’s both intrinsic and extrinsic attributes that are essential in developing SEO campaigns. Lastly, SEO campaigns can never be effective with broken websites.

Here’s a quick sample of the usage of Web Developer for SEO.

Since Web developer is also available in Chrome, just by adding it as an extension and by inspecting the element it can highlight the appropriate image size to be use thus, it can help in improving the site speed.

knowing exact image size with web developer

It is very easy to use, just try it and you will see how valuable its feature are.

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