Website Traffic Attraction

Website Traffic

When you are doing online marketing for your products and services, having a website is truly essential. However, it is not enough to have just a mere website but the real challenge waiting to us website owners is that how to attract visitors from the web. And this challenge requires time and effort. As a website owner increasing the traffic to my site is one of my goals since honestly speaking it is one of the sources that I can get leads. There are actually many ways to attract traffic to any website. And below please view the website traffic attraction presentation where you can see the strategies that are applicable in gaining visitors to your website.

In attracting site traffic, I have divided it into 8 USEFUL strategies.

On Page SEO

It all starts here, starting from a good domain name to H1, H2, Meta tags and description. I take this effort to make my site visible to the eyes of search engines. For the user’s experience (UX), the on page factor that must be given emphasized are the appearance of error pages and maintenance pages, website’s speed, and to test the site if it is compatible with all the browsers. Giving attention to these factors can lessen the negative impact on user’s experience under certain circumstances. Since, it is essential to prepare first your website for a traffic blast and must be always friendly not only to the crawlers but of course to real humans.

Off Page SEO

This is now the tasks I am performing to spread my site online. To help my keywords rank organically, I build backlinks on websites that relates to my niche, having a high page rank and domain authority and receiving vast amount of traffic, making sure that every links counts and are quality ones. I also join in forums and Q&A sites to establish my authority and make more connections just by giving answers to their questions or giving solutions to their problems.


You always heard that “content is the king” and yes it’s true, without content no one will definitely visit your page. To make a unique and exemplary content, I do a news story, I subscribe to Google alerts and keep on track on the trending topics on social networks to know what are the topics being discussed at the moment and write an article about it. I also do blog commenting and pitching other bloggers to allow me to do guest posts on their blog. With these, I am taking the opportunity to gain more audience and to make stronger connections.

Social Media

I  built my profile on all social media giants making it as a medium to promote my business and I update it regularly. I included social sharing buttons to my blog just see it below or to the right side and if you like this post, please don’t forget to share. Thanks in advance!

One essential strategy in social media is that you need also to follow your niche in order to see what is the latest update or what they are up to. It can be a way for me to improve my techniques from their tactics, a hint how they are gaining traffic to their websites.


This strategy requires more effort and more time but its value is higher. In every video, infographics or podcast done, it came from a careful conceptualization, lay outing and making. Every detail that is included must be authenticated. It is better to try all these techniques because not everybody is doing this. They are more likely to appear on top of SERPs for when it comes to results, they are lower in number and the best logic is that images attract vision of real humans, where in who would like to read with just plain text, even me have no interest reading on it. Present a visually amazing content in your website and share it through social media.

Let their eyes fall for it.

Traditional Tactics

Old school but is still working. It includes submission of your website to various directories, blog submission and article marketing. Through this, you can leave a link back to your site plus there are still who are using those directories but always make sure to submit to QUALITY sites.

Paid Tactics

Sometimes, time and effort seems to be insufficient, it will need extra money. Do pay per click, buy sponsored links, buy a space for some website banner. For sure your site will have a visible place with greater chances to be seen by searchers but do it ethically.

Going beyond the web

Most people use the internet for searching but remember that not all can see your website while searching. So, start going beyond the web and speak out that you have a website. Tell every friend and family member you have about your website, they might be interested in visiting this. Tell every person you meet about your website. To do this, include your site on your printed business card, print your website on stickers and put it into cars, windows or computers. These are just few, there are still more ways. Just be persistent to spread the URL of your site.

For me, I always believe that if you will not speak out or step out you will not be seen by others and that is why you need to do your best to gain visibility. Make your website be found out and becomes a traffic magnet.

These are the techniques that I am familiar in gaining traffic to my site. What are your techniques? I will be so happy if you will share this thought. Feel free to leave it into the comment box.

Al Gomez

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