When should You Stop Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the major strategies that can drive traffic and boost rankings of your website. It is used to be useful in your search engine rankings. But recently, there’s a major change in how guest posting should be perceived. Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam of Google said,

Matt Cutts on Guest Posting

So, should you stop Guest Blogging now?

The answer is no. Matt Cutts didn’t discourage SEO Expert to continue it, what he wants everyone to do is to use it properly. It becomes spammy as time goes by because a blogger will send an email to web administrators hoping for a guest post and looking for a backlink from the site. Are you guilty? Probably, but it is not too late for you. It’s time to reconstruct your guest blogging materials and overhaul your strategies because Google will end up with the following actions:

• Penalized guest post links from irrelevant blogs
• Penalized rich anchor text links from guest posts
• Look more at author rank to check if the writing is high or low quality content
• Look into social signals in which more social votes will be considered will have higher quality.

In short, if you are using guest blogging just to earn links, it is better not to try at all because Google might just penalize your website and you will end up asking the website administrator to remove your link or disavow it which can take time and hassle in the process.

To keep your guest blogging technique safe and effective, it is recommended that you do the following:

1. Write high quality content that will educate the readers. It should be useful and valuable.

2. Avoid using the rich anchor text because it might be rejected by the editors and will be a huge red flag that might cause your site to get penalized by Google.

3. Put the link back to your site only if it is necessary and that users will get benefits from it.

4. Link out to other sites that will serve as references even if it is your competitor’s sites, as long it will benefit the readers.

5. Post on relevant blogs. You should filter your target blogs and consider the site that will help with your branding, traffic and sales.

6. Build up your author rank through Google Plus because it will be easier for you to be recognized by Google as a quality writer.

7.  Aim for co-citations. Google may not just see links but also being mentioned in the article.

Guest blogging will be beneficial to your SEO in terms of your referral traffic, overall branding and sales but not in your search engine rankings. Website administrators have also been strict in accepting guest post materials. If you can’t give quality articles, don’t guest post. If you just want to earn a link, don’t guest post. If you can’t be a responsible blogger, don’t guest post.

Will you stop or not? Analyzing and checking first the site to guest blog is a must. Your analysis is very important decision making factor.

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