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wiki sites

Since, I am experimenting about link diversity, I wanted to share to some strategy I found out and one of those is using Wiki sites for SEO.

What’s a Wiki?


The word wiki means “quick” and it has been accepted to be a part of the internet lexicon just like the terms blog and podcast.

Wiki is a website that permits any member of that page to edit, modify or delete a specific content via web browser by means of a markup language like HTML or a rich text editor. It is powered by wiki software and wikis provide the opportunity of being both the author and the editor.

And here are the advantages and disadvantages of using wiki sites.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wiki Sites

WIKI Sites and SEO

Quality wikis and links that you created on that particular wiki sites have value similar to blogging and marketing articles. You also need to have a variety of IP address and diversity in anchor text you are using. Most links in wiki sites are no follow, but the main point in registering in wiki sites is to get your wikis indexed by search engines which is not easy. But when indexed, it can help your website’s Search Engine Results Page position.

Quality Wiki Page have:

#1 Appealing layout. This helps in making reading easier and more exploring ways.

#2 Containing subtitle or has table of contents or some highlights. This can help in the organization of your content and to avoid clutter.

#3 Content is accurate and engaging. Of course our goal always in sharing content is that it must be accurate and engaging. Since it is a wiki page it must truly be helpful, educational and have relevant information.

#4 Links to reliable references are included. Its purpose is for user’s easier verification or validation of data..

#5 Containing visually appealing images. Having picture or videos that can be more helpful for visitors and since nowadays even in search engine optimization plays a vital role . Having an attractive images can lead to prospect attractions.

#6 No grammar or typographical errors. Since in a wiki site are for educational purposes its essential that an authoritative writing stand out.

How to search for Wiki sites?

You can try the codes below , this is actually what I’ve found out while searching. This is from a reply in warrior forum by Kurt.I’ve tried this one and it’s actually helpful.

Wiki Search Code(Source:Wiki sites: Have they really any impact on SEO?)

In searching you can add keywords to the codes given above. Just sort the wiki sites you have found based on domain authority and page rank and at the same time related to your site. Enter those sites that have higher values and relevant. And always remember to add reliable and accurate information.

If you have found out moderated sites, these are actually better since it’s preventing spamming to arise. Just always remember to share valuable information and not to spam.

And although most of the Wiki sites are nofollow but it can help a lot in getting valuable sites plus promoting your identity or authority as long as you have share valuable and accurate information. Luckily there are some sites that give link juice just since it allows or make a link a dofollow one. One of the best example of that is of course, wherein at first it’s a nofollow link and after you have emailed them and you have shared a valuable and reliable page, they will make it as dofollow one.

Bonus: (List of Wiki Sites)

wiki sites

And here’s an example of our page:


And now it’s your turn to try it out and see its benefits in SEO.

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