Compute with WolframAlpha and Mine for SEO Data

WolframAlpha for SEO

WolframAlpha is one of the SEO competitive tools to effectively manage and monitor your website performance. It is not a typical search engine, it is a platform designed to calculate knowledge about a certain query that has been previously added on its database. It can give you solution to English, Science, Physics, History and Math problems. It is a very good learning tool especially for kids or educators who wanted to explore and catch information in different field of sciences. The field of specialization of this tool is mathematics. It allows you to solve wide range of mathematical problems.

Aside from giving as step by step solution for daily lives. It is beneficial for SEO campaign through using it as an SEO tool.

Compute with WolframAlpha and Get Wide Range of Data

• Can Provide Website Visitor Statistics

◦ It can also be a good SEO tool because of its features that can provide substantial information about a topic or a certain domain. Using the interface without logging in I was able to see daily statistics of my website.

website stat

I can also see how my competitor perform in terms of daily page views, daily visitors, views per visitor, site rank and traffic fraction. It will open my consciousness and awareness of how they are going and where I stand in the competition. It provides widgets for SEO analysis such as shown above.

•Find out about the Authority of Links Your Competitor has

Just download the CSV or the inbound links from Open Site Explorer then paste it under data input of WolframAlpha then compute and you will find out the authority of links your competitor has. Just like this one…Authority of Links

• Can Give Facebook Profile Analysis

◦ Through going here you can analyze your Facebook data analytics. It will give you charts, graphs, and maps that will show the level of interactivity and your connections. Facebook is one of the most viral social media sites. Understanding your own profile and your competitor will allow you to leverage and focus on how to increase activity. As you can also locate where most of your friends come from, it will be easier to assess who is worth being a friend or not. Those who are not included in your market can be “unfriended”.

Analyze Facebook data

Facebook data you can get through WolframAlpha

facebook data

This one is truly useful to understand your targets, what they like and how they interact which is not only useful for social media marketing campaign but also in building content that can attract links.

• Query is Stored and Can Be accessed Anytime

◦ This is one good thing with WolframAlpha you can re-accessed your stored history. It will be easier for you to track the websites you have already looked or evaluate. You can add it to your favorites and access anytime you need.

• Set Preferences to Customize Results

◦ You can customize generated results from systems of measurement, font sizes, and overall control of accessing your data.

WolframAlpha is a competent tool when you are doing competitive analysis. It will give charts, graphs, statistics and other data that are essential in finding who your best competitor and their activities. You can also create general idea of how the competition is going in the industry. With WolframAlpha, it will be easier to make decisions which investment or strategies should be prioritized.

Lastly, it gives more accurate and specific results. However, it’s PRO has a free trial only for 14 days. If you think that it is worth trying you can signup for pro version. You can do more task with it. There are lots of data you can mine with it and more to discover.

Have you tried using it? please share your experiences below.

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