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Sometimes we have this idea that one day we want to create a movie for our story but we have lesser time since we need to find some talents, images and spend time on editing, so it end up as just an imagination or just a DREAM. I truly dream of creating an animated movie that I wanted to share to my social media networks or to my friends that I can be proud of but thinking about the process I have seen on animated studios seems so hard and you have to sit down for a long period of time but I want to share what I am thankful of and that is finding Xtranormal which turns my story into something extra special. It truly adds an additional spice to my blog since it is entertaining to watch for, especially when you are a website owner, I tried actually this one for my business and it’s awesome to use.

And let’s find out why?

#1 Easy to Sign-Up.

Choose first on the plan you wanted, either its BASIC (FREE), EDUCATOR ($10 monthly) or PROFESSIONAL ($50monthly) ACCOUNT. Then just fill up using desired username, email and password and verify your account and now you are on set to make your story comes to life. If you wanted to have full customization or gain more advantage, a Professional account can be best for you, especially when you are going to use it on your website or to promote your products or services, the labels can be customized.

#2 Work on what’s best for you.

You can either work through online, desktop or education version. You will just need an internet connection to work on whatever you wanted.

Xtranormal Desktop – Just download it, but before that please check the technical details to see if your OS is compatible with this software. This is actually considered as their feature-rich option since you have about 500 high quality actors plus about 200 wonderful sets to choose from.

Xtranormal for Education – Best for Educators especially when you want to innovate your teaching style and wanted to add storytelling that is appealing for your lessons. Making learning more colorful and interesting.

Online Movie Maker – Just tell your story using their featured collections. It is actually the same with Xtranormal Desktop.

#3 Make your Stories or Imagination Alive.

All you need to do is choose the background or settings of your story, next choose 1 or more actors or actresses to be use and then type the script of your characters. Then you can choose voices to be use, plus you can add facials expressions plus movements to your characters. Your characters can talk and move and express their feelings.

#4 Suited even for Beginners

Even you are not familiar about 3D animation, it can be best use since instructions are available on what to do just be creative.

#5 Just Spend a Little Time

Since all you need to do is choose, arrange and add their dialogs plus movements, you can truly spend less time in creating interesting 3D animated videos.

#6 Helpful for Business

When you have a website, this one can add to your concept of creating a unique user experience. It is one way of delighting the eyes of the users through the colors and messages made. You can add customization in terms of their clothes, logos, images to emphasize your BRAND.

#7 Quality HD Output

Using the desktop application, it supports up to 1080p or a wider range of resolutions and you can export your videos into common video formats.

#8 Multilingual

It supports over 20 languages, so when you are going target your local markets, for example in France, you can make your characters speak French.

#9 You can Showcase your Voice

It has a feature that allows you to use your voice for your characters that makes you feel the experience of being one of the voices for your movie, much more personalized.

#10 Experience the Movie Set

You can manipulate the camera just like you are in a real movie set plus you are the director, script writer, editor of your movie which means maximizing your talent.

I have actually done a short clip and I find it fun to add facial expressions and gestures to my character.

xtranormal sample

Although it cost money when you want to make your project customized but still it’s affordable and it’s worth it since it can create a Professional output. Whatever the kind of movie you want, whether it’s funny, romantic or anything, you can make it happen.

Whatever your purpose, Xtranormal can help you in making animated videos easy. For individual use you can showcase your creativity in storytelling. For educators, it’s a way of making learning more fun. How about for business or website owners? It can help in attracting target especially when you are going to add customization feature it can help in promoting your brand especially when you have a good story line it can truly move your prospects feelings and have interest in your website or in your business.

Your written stories can truly turn into something special.

And here is the sample video I made last holidays season.

Have you tried it? Share your experience below.

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