Case Study Part I: Warning: Yahoo! Answers Sent Suspension Notices

Yahoo! answers is one of the most the reliable and trusted Q&A sites. With variety of categories, it has been the virtual board for many questions that aim to solicit answers from co-yahoo users. At the same time yahoo answer users compete against each other to reach high level or being a top contributor for a certain category. Aside from that answers are made credible to be chosen as best answer. When you are done worthy answering of random questions, been a top contributor, chosen for best answer and suddenly received this,

Yahoo answer suspension message

Surely you’ll feel irritated, annoyed and would ask how come you have been suspended?

Before I’ll give some solution, let me first identify what happens when you received the suspension notice. There are two types of ban issued by Yahoo! Answers:

types of banning from Yahoo Answers

When any of these happen, you will not be allowed to post answers, to create questions; to vote for best answers. Every answer and question you posted will be deleted and worthless though it has been chosen as best answer by other users. The cause of suspension should be understood:

Violation of rules and regulations stated on its community guidelines

Limitations in Levels 5, 6, and 7

◦ When a user reached levels 5, 6 or 7, it will give him/her a chance to post more answers with live links. Yahoo answers imposed limitations to users in these levels. It aim to enhance answers more than just saying “I don’t know” or “check on the internet”. It will also lessen spam answers and will eliminate worthless ones putting much effort on serious questions and serious answers. Yahoo also suggested that at these levels users must be more selective and focus in answering questions. Content quality is also a priority of Yahoo answers community.

Posting Links not known to Yahoo!

◦ Naturally, adding links to an answer that are not known to Yahoo will be tagged as spam. Also, inappropriate reference just to put link but does not provide adequate information about the answer and question will cause misleading. Yahoo does not tolerate abuse of source box to put spam links.

Use of Multiple Accounts

◦ Some yahoo answers user will create another account to boost their level in their original accounts. These accounts will be voting best answer for the answers they also made in their original accounts. These manipulation of getting up another level can cause suspension.

Using Banned IP

◦ There are two cases when a user is banned from using yahoo answers because of banned IP. One is when it answered or opened the Yahoo Answers community through a public provider such as Wi-Fi or internet cafes. This is because when the admin ban an IP address, it will leave asterisks to indicate that the certain IP has been blocked. Second, if you have used a banned proxy upon logging in, your account will also be banned because it will be assumed that you are the same person using that IP.

Constant Report Abuses or Bulk Reporting

◦ If you have received suspension or banned notice to your Yahoo Answers, you must have notice that your answers have been constantly reported by another user, not just once at a time but majority of your answers.

You may wonder how can these answers of yours can be tracked down by that user especially if you have set your profile to private. Remarkably, this is a result of negative SEO. It is pulling down the credibility of your account by reporting it to Yahoo Answers webmaster. If you are wondering how, take this scenario,

constant report abuses

If you are a regular answerer to questions post in yahoo answers, your answer after being voted will not be hidden, so it will be viewable even after a long period of time. Someone who is practicing negative SEO can easy follow your answers because of the time you are answering the question or through random access to all questions and answers he or she is passing through. Reports revealed that there are a lot of Yahoo! Answers users who have received the suspension notice. You can conclude then that under this cause, the culprit simply wants to pull down other users especially those who are already in higher levels. He or she is watching over your answers upon being posted in the Q&A community.

On the other hand, Yahoo answers encourage users to report other users as they are also giving recognition for a Top Reporter. Though you are truthfully answering question because others feel wanting to top in this category, they would include your answer for reporting. In some other case, there are just people campaigning for other user to be blocked or reported in yahoo answers. Look at this video

Yahoo! Answers is more than just a Q&A platform. For many experiences, it has been the source of traffic for a website. Also, it serves as spot to learn information about real time questions which you can tap and utilize for meaningful and fruitful purposes. However, because of many circumstances many users have been disappointed at how Yahoo gave metrics before suspending an account.

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