Warning: Dangerous Downloads on Yahoo Search?

yahoo search warnings

yahoo search warning

Oops…! Seems like there’s something wrong with that search result after entering an “SEO Expert” keyword.

What would be the possible searcher impression?

• Something strange and somehow frightening for the searchers to see
• Risky and can potentially harm your computer.
• Ending up not clicking that result.

And even if it is on the top results, it would not still worth the risk, right? But what if your site is one of those with such undesirable tag in Yahoo? What will you do? Erase? Of course, you can’t simply do that. It’s neither a stain that you can easily remove by a detergent powder. That can be an indelible mark for your site if you don’t know how to resolve the matter outright.

What would be the possible effect to the website?

• Affecting click through rate on organic search results of Yahoo.
• A minus factor to the credibility of the site.
• A possible site visit can lead to nothing.

But then “why?”. What is it in that site which may also be in yours in the morrow to come? Sounds so simple yet it is critical to ask. You may likewise get even confused when you discover your site with consistent warnings as such even if you have already made modifications in it. It will get affected not just to the impression of the searchers, but may possibly drop from its rating. That could then be a great disadvantage for your SEO effort; you’ve made it to the top, but a warning is trying to pull your reliability down. It’s quite horrible to imagine.

And, as experience would reveal, no webmaster wishes to lose his neither ranking nor identity in Yahoo as being one of the “Big Three” among the eminent search engines today, and it means a lot to many users when it comes to searches and other online ventures. Yet, perhaps, you count yourself as one of those who also rely on the potency of the said search engine insofar as your optimization activities and business promotions are concerned. It is thus of great necessity to know what lies behind this warning for your safety. We’ll thoroughly decipher it here.

yahoo search results warningWhat Does the Warning Mean?

It is simply one helpful alert resulted from one program of Yahoo! Search called as “SearchScan”. This software can aid or protect the user’s computer in avoiding viruses and/or malware from a certain site in the search results that he intends to open. Yet, the SearchScan can also help in eliminating the risks of being hacked and downloading files that are dreadful for one’s system.

Hence, when your site is accompanied by a warning like the one given above, it certainly means that there’s something harmful in your site which could affect the user’s computer. It’s obviously an element which you might have acquired from unhealthy links, or other dangerous features you have unconsciously included, or have intentionally credited to you by another site you have linked into.

How Can Your Site Avoid Having a Warning?

Check and Remove. Since the warning arises when Yahoo! has detected a virus or malicious software in your site, then the best solution is to identify and eradicate the bad elements present in your website, and better if you clear all issues therein before the SearchScan reminds you of them. You can also review and modify your SearchScan preferences by visiting the preferences page of the Yahoo! Search. After you’ve done with this initial process, try to check what happens to the warning; if it disappears in the search results, then you have successfully done exculpating the “monsters” in your website, but if otherwise, you better do it again until you “kill” all of them.

How Will You Deal with SearchScan Disputes?

You might have not noticed it, but your ratings on the Yahoo! Search results page are often affected by the SearchScan disputes that relate to Hacking risks and Warnings about Dangerous Downloads. This is perhaps the reason why the alliance between Yahoo! and Bing has now come into existence.

Re-examined and Contact Bing. Yahoo! Search is now showing the results generated by the Bing search engine. Thus, if your site’s description in the former contains a SearchScan warning, you can have it re-examined by contacting Bing. You should note, however, that Yahoo! cannot change Bing’s decision relative to site’s rating.

On the other hand, the warning displayed by Bing is notably distinct from that of Yahoo! Search. You can have it checked by clicking on the title for your website’s link in the search results of Bing, and therein you can see the warning “Careful!” before you can be allowed to proceed or simply visit the search help page of yahoo.

Definitely, what’s harmful is not the Yahoo! warning, but the content of the warning that is all about the bad elements in your website. But even so, it’s still a dreadful mark which, if you let it untagged, would continue in making bad impressions among your clients or users in general. And, thus, there’s only one simple yet effective solution: Check your site’s status in the search engine regularly and make changes whenever necessary.

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