3 Pointers To Win Over Facebook For The Holidays

With the Holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to begin attracting customers than TODAY. If you weren’t able to plan your marketing strategy as early as August, then November is already late. But as they say: better that than never, right? Aside from search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain an edge in Holiday ecommerce. And there’s no better platform than Facebook.

With about 1.55 million active users by the end of September 2015, the social media giant is a goldmine for marketers AND businesses looking for a slice of the market pie. Whether you’re seeking to increase brand awareness or to improve click-through rates (CTR), a well-organized strategy should yield the desired results.

Unfortunately, there lies the PROBLEM. Plenty of small businesses and marketers go on Facebook without a plan – especially during the Holidays! Don’t let your profits just skip you by. Take note of these top three tips when crafting last-minute marketing methods on Facebook.

#1 Watch What People Are Sharing

This is the MOST important aspect. If you don’t know what people – especially your target market – is sharing, you can’t get far. Good thing your best tool is right on the platform itself: Facebook Insights allows businesses to see a huge load of data, from what type of content is being shared most to the demographics of their sharers.

This feature is available to Fan Pages ONLY. The dashboard will contain a summary of your most important stats (total number of Likes, friends of your Fans, people talking about your Page, and your weekly total reach). To analyze all this data at your own convenience, you may export and download it in a spreadsheet format.

Which of your posts are getting the most Likes? Do you have viral content? What’s it about? Use the figures from your Facebook Insights to tailor your posts accordingly.

#2 Package Your Promos Nicely

It’s exciting to watch people share your products or services. But what’s better is seeing ACTUAL purchases.

Well, in this matter I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that not everyone who shares your page buys from it. They’re either a) sharing your content for their interested friends; OR b) because they want to save it for later. However, the keyword here is INTEREST. It’s easier to reel them in as they have already shown awareness of your merchandise. The second step then, is to carefully package your offers to convince them to buy.

todays daily dealsFor instance: creating custom tabs on your business Page allows users to browse without having to sift through unwanted content (such as random posts). If you’re into retail like Amazon and Ebay, make sure you have a separate tab for daily deals, promos, or coupon giveaways so people would know immediately where to go. According to an article from the The Next Web, these Facebook pages are visited more often, and thus, get more sales from visitors.

#3 Give People Options

As mentioned before, even if you did your best to gain more sales for your product, a lot of people would still be hesitant to buy – until the last minute. Others don’t buy at all. Be prepared for these moments by offering people options. How can you do this?

  • Encourage re-sharing. You can get creative when it comes to doubling people who shared your content. For instance: we already know that posts that get “Liked” become visible on other people’s Feeds as long as they are friends. Promos or special deals that ask for extra shares are a good way to double your efforts without doing much. Feel free to make contests based on this concept.
  • Ask them to subscribe. If users clicked on your Facebook ad or got redirected to your website BUT didn’t buy anything, you can still keep tabs on them by having them to SUBSCRIBE to your newsletter. It’s as simple as a pop-up asking for their name and email address. Once you get this information, you can always save it for future marketing efforts, such as…
  • Retargeting. This is an old marketing method that uses a cookie-based technique to “follow” users who previously visited your site but didn’t complete an action. Your ads will be shown to them whenever they visit related sites, depending on the frequency that you’ve set. The goal of retargeting is to remind users that they have visited your site – and that they should probably make that purchase.
  • Save to social media. Sometimes, it will take days, weeks, or months before someone finally decides to buy your product. For the meantime, be sure to incorporate social media buttons on your best content for easy sharing. Your photos for example, should be Pinnable. Pinned photos save links where the images came from, so you’re sure that users should know where to find your products once they feel like buying it.



Facebook also now has the “Save for Later” option, which people can use to save content they want to browse at their own convenience. Encourage your customers to take advantage of this option so they could always go back to your content.

Patience is often needed in order for a Holiday campaign to work. But when time is NOT a luxury, gently nudging your customers to the checkout page could be made easy thanks to the power of social media.


Don’t know where to start? Ask your SEO services specialist about his recommendations on how to best utilize Facebook’s ecommerce features. Don’t delay! The Holidays are only weeks away – so better get your best deals on hand and be prepared to sell!

Al Gomez

SEO Consultant, Online Marketer & Blogger, Web Developer & DLINKERS Founder.

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