Blogging: An Effective Strategy in SEO


Blogging is a phenomenal hit for all ages today. It has become not just an avenue and a channel of sharing ideas but, in time, has developed to be an area to spread ideas. This is possible because of the content links visible in blogs and blog sites nowaday. Thus, with such “expansion of connection”, blogging is now considered to be an effective strategy and operative way in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Majority of those who subscribe to blogs are bloggers who can relate to the topics posted or features in a certain blog site. Of course, this also adds up if the owner of the site is popular and has establish his credibility. Then, when those bloggers comment or make a new post the readers get notified in their RSS readers.

This is now the time where SEO enters. When a certain blog site accumulates attetion from other bloggers, the search engines will then come after. Meaning, if many people will subscribe or link to a blog post that also boost the search engine rankings for some parts of your site. In addition, when a person writes a frequently updated blog, many will think that you are an expert. This is more important, and effective, because others may consider you to be credible than just a person who sells some products and goods in the market.

Here are some additional information that may convince you how effective blogging is as an SEO strategy:

  • Everytime you will post something through a blog, 5,000 people who trust your point of view will view and visit it.
  • Most of those 5,000 also write blogs in your field or related fields.
  • Some of those bloggers frequently mention your site.
  • Some of those bloggers also have thousands of subscribers.

Al Gomez

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