GWT Notification: Big Traffic Change for Top URL

GWT Notification -Big Traffic Change for Top URL

This is another edition of Google Webmaster Tool consulting. Sometimes there are instances that are unclear to us and seeking for some answers. And sometimes there are experiences that need to be share in order that it can be a guide in creating relevant action plan or it can be the basis if we are on the right track. That is why I am truly thankful that I became part of this challenging industry and have the chance to share my knowledge about search engine optimization.

On this post I will share to you is from one of the notification received through Google Webmaster Tool by one of my client.

And here it goes…

It is widely known that Google Webmaster tool is sending notification if there is something wrong with your site or your site has given a manual penalty, but have you ever received a notification that big traffic change for top URL? Simply receiving the message like below.

big traffic change for top URL by Google Webmaster Tool

And based on the message, it can inform you on what URL where there is an increasing search result clicks like the one above. If you have updated your content it simply means that your content is becoming more popular in Google plus it can indicate that you are on the right track of your strategy. It can also mean that your page is simply influenced by the algorithm change. This message is simply giving webmasters the idea if their site is performing well in Google.

What to do in order to validate the data?

  • As recommended on the message you have to check your search queries in your webmaster tool and see the graph in order to know if how much is the traffic spike.
  • Identify the keywords or the key phrases having increasing search result clicks. It is simply the keywords having higher percentage of CTR or click through rate.
  • If you have identified the keywords that brought increase in clicks, you have to track those keywords.
  • Analyze the use of keywords and seek for the answer on why those keywords are being click.
  • Take note of the content that brought development on your page, since it can be the best guide in developing similar or relevant content in the future.
  • You can also check the organic search result traffic through Google Analytics where in you will have a hint on what time or day the great spike happen.

What if there is an increasing traffic due to the content that you have updated?

This one is truly a good indication that you are doing better on your Search engine optimization strategy and you are now on the right track all you need to do is to follow the right way that you have started. I have actually identified the reason behind this wherein the content that is being updated was truly timely or you have created a huge development on your site. And it would mean also that you can capture more prospects. At the same time if more will be linking to your site, you have the chance to increase your domain authority.

What if there is an increasing traffic due to algorithm update?

As long that you are following the guidelines and using ethical techniques, there is no need to worry in the future since it only means that you are on track for the competition. And this only means that you have a competitive edge over the others. At this point all you need to do is to get updated with the ALGO TIMELINE.

Therefore, always prepare your site and make it AWESOME. Let it stand for its goal.

Have you received this kind of message also? Share your experience below. And let us know what the reasons behind the great spike are.

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