Blogging –Part of Social Media Networking That Still Attracts Online Traffic

The manner headlines are controlled by Facebook and other social media networks we can almost think that blogging is obsolete.  Blogs in one way or the other is still part of the social media network, which leads to  the exchanging of ideas and thoughts between online users and authors/writers.

If you believe that it’s microblogging and status updates that are the trend right now, then you have to think again.  This is because blogs can still attract enormous online visitors to online sites.

According to Compete,’s top visitor resource is not Facebook or Twitter and search but Blogs.  But of course, it cannot count out the fact the contribution of Facebook, and Twitter also played significant functions.  It further adds that has been and is still the main factor in attracting traffic for a website and from the way things are right now, it has not shown any indication of slowing down a bit.

However, to get important blog traffic, you have to give your bloggers something significant to discuss.  This is just the same as getting others to talk about you on different social media networks or through personal referrals and the likes.  Everything always begin with your website’s products and services offered.  If you offer something that many online users find worth having a look, then for sure, they’ll visit your site.

People who have done some online shopping before know that prices are by and large higher compared to what traditional stores have.  But this is not a hindrance at all if you know how to promote your online products and services.  And you can do these by subscribing to various social media networking.  Blogging must not be beneath the list of these social media networks.  As long as you know how to promote your online products and services at, then you are in the right track.

Al Gomez

SEO Consultant, Online Marketer & Blogger, Web Developer & DLINKERS Founder.

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