BuzzStream Offers Qualifying Link Prospects Technique

Previously I have share  the use Buzzstream for Broken Link Building and recently they have share another wonder with their tool and that is the essence of doing outreach or link prospecting which can be truly beneficial for every search engine optimization campaign. Nowadays we are seeing  creating or building  relationship can yield to a much tighter and stronger link. Although this is hardest to earn but it can pass or survive every update to come.

Building relationship should be extended to a larger market. Your efforts can be maximized if a lot of people know about your website, its contents and what you can offer. However, looking for each one of them may be hard. And so comarketing was innovated to make a website extended to market of other websites that is in a form of Guest Posting.

Guest Posting is an effective technique for reaching to different people however clicking each website in the SERP and manually emailing them if they allow guest posters is a hassle. You have to make use of tools to easily navigate and communicate with prospective reach. Buzzstream offers 3 main manual tasks:

(1) Qualifying prospects
(2) Collecting contact information and
(3) Outreach

The Buzzbar has now an extended Outreach button where sending queries will be easier.

How to use it?

First is to consolidate all your prospects or contact list. Sort their emails and URLs and first name on a CSV. Next, import the CSV in the people’s tab and choose “Match My CSV” option. After that match your data with fields in Buzzstream. Then select or create your template. It will be the lay out of the email that will be sent to the contact list you have previously imported to Buzzstream. You can also schedule when to email so that even if your prospect is not yet online, you can still catch up with him. You can also see the site that allows a guest post. It will make you prepared for your pitch and tone to show professionalism.


This tool is effective if you already have prospects. It will lessen your task and simplify in gaining links. However, this tool is not for free. Aside from being charged, it is your responsibility to look for prospects. It doesn’t really take much of the hassle. As Google is into organic searches, choosing well your prospect for guest posting matters. You have to properly evaluate the prospect first before sending them an email for guest posting. A slow but sure process.

Yet, the tool can be helpful if preliminary evaluation has been done previously. As I am working on organic ranking I would rather do manual emailing because it will allow me to be personally in contact with the prospect. In case, he or she is online I can discuss with her regarding my objectives. Yet, it is also a matter of perspective. What works for me may not work for you. So, just choose the available tools wisely.

You can see more of its feature at Buzzstream Blog Post About BuzzBar on Outreach.

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