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Business in the B2B model aimed for good feedback from every client he or she is handling. In SEO where a lot of changes and challenges are faced, it is rare to find a client that sticks with you for a long period of time. However, it only means that you served well for the purpose of hiring you or your company. As an SEO professional it is uplifting and inspiring to share with you an experience we are still having with one of our clients.

The campaign was started in April 2012. It has been a year now and we seemed to build a relationship with them. Gladly, they are satisfied because they allow us to continue sharing our expertise in the field of SEO. When ask about us, Snappy Canvas would say,

snappy canvas

“I can certainly vouch for Al. I have had an excellent experience in working with him. He runs a very intelligent and professional operation, and was able to produce meaningful results for me. I too have wasted time and money on SEOs who were basically running the clock and not producing any results. It is hard to find trustworthy people to work with. Al and his team are very talented and have the integrity to match. There were able to achieve high rankings in an economical and expeditious manner for me.”

The truth is this website has gained smooth and rough times with us. With its competitive keywords, dancing rankings and struggling Alexa rankings, we poured sweat to provide results and improvements. There were challenges especially when we are just starting the campaign. Can you imagine top rankings for competitive keywords but traffic seemed not go for improvement? It made us think of 2 questions: why is this happening and how can we amend it?

We can say that the results were given due to team efforts. Now, the website is having a good time with higher alexa traffic and top rankings in some of its competitive keywords in search engine results page. It ranks number 1 for the top 3 keywords picture to painting, Photo to painting, and portrait to painting. It gained 76% improvement on its Alexa rankings. We were able to build good links, quality contents and strong relationship with the company’s target market. We believe that SEO is not merely about gaining ranks but also gaining trusts from every client we handle.

We believe that SERP is not the ultimate judge of skills and achievements. We hold on to what our clients will say about the website they entrusted with us, the result we can give and the experience that they can share both in the online and the offline world. We strive to make the clients satisfied and go on with their business. We consider the client’s business as our business.

Al Gomez

SEO Consultant, Online Marketer & Blogger, Web Developer & DLINKERS Founder.

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