Concatenate Equals Quick SEO Combinations


Let us make some SEO techniques with Excel. Just like what we have today. I know that some of you are familiar with this formula wherein it is something basic but also to some this kind of formula is still undiscovered. Why I share this to AlSEOBlog? Simply because I want to share how fun and easy to use excel formulas (but with this post I will be sharing just one formula and this is all about CONCATENATE). As an SEO Expert I wanted to make every website owner appreciate the Art of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Concatenate?

According to Excel:

“Joining several text strings into one text string.”


“It is the tool for Creating Quick SEO Combinations.”

Why it can create Quick SEO Combinations?

Checking Site’s Index Status Quickly

Here is what you are going to do:

Create your site:domain/subdomain code.

  • On the first column enter site:
  • For the second column enter the domain or subdomain to check
  • Finally enter the formula =CONCATENATE(column1value, column2 value). And it is now ready to enter in Google Search.

A quick note: you can also use this formula in checking the cache date status of your website just change site: into cache: .

Where in it will produce something like this…

creating site index code

Not only that,

CONCATENATE + COPY All URLs + Chrome = Best Bulk Site Index Status Checking

Here’s how,

  • For the first Column, just drag outside selection to extend the series or fill. (Note if you are going to drag inside it will clear the data you have encoded inside).
  • For the next column just paste the URLs you wanted to check.
  • Same with the first column on the third column you have to drag outside selection.

bulk creation of site index code

  • Then have a COPY All URLs to Clipboard Extension on Your Chrome

copy all urls

  • Set your search settings for chrome. For Example you can search using Google or Bing since this two has same code in checking index status.

chrome search settings

• After Setting and Installing the Extension, just COPY FIRST All the site:URL codes then click the PASTE button in the Copy All Urls icon

click the paste button

And finally it will automatically check every site’s index status in Google. A quick bulk indexing status checker with Concatenate + Copy All URls + Chrome, in just seconds you will get the results.

Create SEO Codes Combinations Quickly

Can be used in Link Building:

Creating Codes is Easy, just like this one…

creating link building codes

For Search Queries:

You can create lots of combination with this formula in excel, all you need to do is supply for keywords and you are all set for searching resources or anything that you wanted to get from search engines, just know or have a collection of search operators

For example searching for guest blogging opportunities

All you need to do is search for keywords using the help of Google keyword tool, and then make combinations something like below,

search queries

For bulk checking you can paste it using Copy All URLs wherein you can find lots of opportunities in an instant. Just be creative in making you search queries code and you can find lots of possibilities using this formula.

Other uses of Concatenate

Create also list of keywords quickly or combinations of keywords. Observe how I inserted a space.

keyword list

You can also use it in your meta description creation, just like one of the greatest post from seer interactive about the use of excel for seo.

You can also use it for your sitemap creation.

Just be creative in using Concatenate in your SEO strategies and you will have quick SEO combinations. And it one of the proof that search engine optimization is fun and there are lots of thing or possibilities to discover just like with the concatenate formula, it has lots of uses and can create lots of SEO Combinations.

How you use Concatenate? Please share it below. I will be truly excited to try your discoveries.


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